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Lost most of the details, but we were at a party, restaurant was Josh Vernon's, brass and marble. Well lit, open floor mingling, our company had the whole place. It was in a mall, but so was my company, a research firm.

My boss was not there, but his dogs were. They were getting sick,
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It's great to announce milestones when employees achieve certain number of years. However, if you're going to do this verbally, it's important to find out from the person, or their manager, how to pronounce their name.

It's not acceptable for a CEO or other executive to claim they are honoring
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Rough Day

Jul. 22nd, 2014 09:23 pm
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I think I like riding bikes most because there are no customer demands when I'm riding my bike. No taking calls in the middle of the road. Just me, some friends, a beautiful machine, and personal challenge.

At least for a few hours, I can pretend everything is awesome.
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Had a stretch of dreams:
I went back to IBM. There was a new center manager named stacey. She was very involved. Employee sat and team social activities were important. The whole center operated like one big happy team.

I went back to high school. There was a graduation party. A bunch of people were there, but all I remember are Blake, Hunter, and Megan. Megan morphed into the reason I'd gone back, but the party was fading. There were new photos on facebook to match the changed history. Megan morphed into Meghan James of the band Purity Ring.

I was walking back to my car, parked a few blocks away in this super-mall, and I saw a plane flying. I sent a message back to my parents when I was a kid for me to take flying lessons back then. "It'll be cheaper, because fuel costs will be going up."

Then I was at IBM in 1995, the year after graduating, but before going to IBM for real. I knew a bunch of the people because I had my current memories, but they did not know me yet.

2 dreams

Feb. 28th, 2013 07:24 am
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In my dream, I set up a lot of stuff on my coprp desktop but I was not really used yet when I was let go for speaking out too much. (annoying to execs, not violations). I was trying to figure out how to clean it off before leaving so as to not have a security risk for the execs, but I didn't want to leave people hanging by removing things that no one else had. I was fighting myself over whether to just wipe the system, which would be the easiest way out, but would be a hardship for those who were left. The thing is, no one else would know the hardship even existed. My other option was to save info for when people called me later in the year for help, but even though it would be secure, it would be questionable to have done so. Amazingly, I was not frustrated, just indecisive. Also disappointed in the exec.

Other dream, I remember individually placing hundreds of MineCraft blocks, but not why. This is odd because I really don't play. IRL, my builds always got destroyed, repeatedly, so I gave up many months ago.

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Searching the iOS 5 map now pulls up sponsored links which often overlay what I am actually looking for.

I understand doing this on the free download app, but the old OS version should not do this.

I guess I should update... The TomTom iOS6 version has been pretty good for me other than missing some 6-month construction in 2 places, and searching sub-city regions works better for me.

On the flip side, TomTom regular data quality went downhill after version 9.

Other issues with Google have been their recent SSL policy changes (December 2012?), summary judgement to cancel my adwords account (2011?), automatic downloading of my ipad pics after Plus app update (2013), calendar monopoly without authenticated interop, and overall data monopoly while being advert driven rather than privacy/service driven.

update 2013-03-03: Also, Google apps suspended and locked Max's account because he tried to sign up for Google+ and put in his age (under 13). There was no prior warning in apps when I enabled the slider. I only ,a href="http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1689647">found it when I went searching separately about minimum ages and Google apps. There's nowhere to ask for help, just a feedback form which says they won't answer, but appreciate my input.

In the details of The google page, it says that I can go into the apps administrator and correct his DoB. So I go there, and the options mentioned are not listed.

On the accounts page, where it's whining about his age, the terms link says that a parent can authenticate for a minor to have the account unlocked. So I fill out the form, and it fails because his account is locked for being under 13.

Ultimately, just as I was about to move the domain off of apps (since his teachers email him), Max REALLY wanted to stick with a Google based account, mostly for Chrome sync. I was able to rename his old account, delete the aliases, and create a new account under the old name. I had a backup of all of his received mail to date (but none of his sent mail). I uploaded that into his new All Mail folder. He will recreate his contacts, which seem to not have been sync'd to his iPod.

In searching, Zimbra is pretty decent for mail/calendar. I'm fairly happy with it, but no one's calendars seem to interoperate very well, especially when there's authentication. I'm looking at Tine 2.0, which looks pretty awesome. When I installed it, it just worked, much unlike Horde in the past, Kolab, etc. Also looks like something that would be good for work.
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Dear Diligent/IBM,
I really wish you would publish revovery procedures for the missed step of WHATEVERTHEFUCKYOUDO,DO NOT EVER CONFIGURE NODE TWO BEFORE THE REPOSITORY IS CREATED IN NODE ONE!!!!!



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Deduplication is basically solid compression with a huge dictionary. If you send in pre-compressed data, your deduplication ratio will suffer. This is because, A) it's already compressed, and B) because the substitution table will be different for minor file changes.

The exception is when you compress as part of the deduplication processing. Some engines will chunk the data, tag/identify duplicate vs new, and THEN compress the data. This works pretty well, and in an incremental-forever environment, you can expect 6.8-7.8:1 reduction in stored data.

If you send fulls every day, then you can expect (days*0.9):1 ratio. Ie, if you keep 30 days of fulls, you can expect somewhere around 25:1 reduction in data (assuming 10% daily change rate).

If you multiplex/interleave your data, you can expect maybe 2:1. This is because your duplicate data is paired with different blocks each time. It's best to use "FILESPERSET=1" or "MULTIPLEX=1" or similar.

Also, depending on the ingest processor, chunk sizes up to 500GB may be good, but larger may change the chunk size. This can be a problem for systems which perform image AND file level backups of the same data, or archive logs plus databases.

For precompressed data, you can expect 1.3:1.

For encrypted data, you can expect 0.9-1.0:1, depending on the system and data size.

This all holds true, whether it's deduplication from Linux, CommVault, TSM, ProtecTier, FalconStor, or whatever. The only real difference between different forms of deduplication at this point are the performance of the chunking and identification algorithms, and the scalability of the chunk store.
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Admin center and reporting are installed.  I'm trying to log in to see if it works, and basic setup.

If I'm coming through a SOCKS proxy, it doesn't work at all.  "Connection Reset".

If I'm coming through port remapping, it doesn't work - "Connection Refused" - What hostname?  What IP?

If I run FF 3.6.28 (community RPM) or (IBM BFF) on the AIX box where AdminCenter is installed, the javascript goes into a constant reload cycle.  Completely unusable as the page constantly refreshes itself.  There is no newer Firefox for AIX.

If I run FF on a Windows system in-network (Citrix), it works, to a point.  Many selectors, etc don't work in IBM's GUI tools on FF.  Selectors are missing the top item, which sucks if there is only one item.  I can't add the server.

If I run IE8 on a system in-network (Citrix), the tab crashes, and it says "This tab has been recovered."  Eventually, retrying, it gives up because whatever's in the tab just continues to crash.  It does this with all add-ons disabled too.

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So, I tried installing the other way around, admin-center first. AC went on fine.
Reporting didn't fail immediately, but it won't let me pick my language.
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The solution for this issue is to not pick to install any additional languages.

SO, did I misread the docs, or are the backwards?
I am Le Tired, so I'll have to check later.
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Various issues I've run into and resolved.
Cut/paste out of a doc I'm working on, so the formattng isn't HTML/LJ pretty.
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May. 10th, 2012 01:43 pm
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Based on my rate of capital accumulation over the last 14 years, and my retirement needs as estimated 14 years ago, I will need to work until age 77.5.

This is another reason that losing weight is a good idea. I'd really like to live long enough to enjoy retirement.
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This was because the symlinks for the libobk shared library were incorrect, and/or permissions on the libtdp_r3.sl were incorrect, and/or the agent.lic was not readable by the DB user.

RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on sbt_1 channel at 05/07/2012 17:00:48
ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file, name="WP1_aeimncnu.102340_1", parms=""
ORA-27028: skgfqcre: sbtbackup returned error
ORA-19511: Error received from media manager layer, error text:
BKI9204E: Additional support information: An exception was thrown at position: esd-rmanapplication.cpp(271) (text=Unknown exception.
specification does not match any backup in the repository
Recovery Manager complete.
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Please make sure to run the script from a user with sufficient DB2 access rights (e.g. the instance user) with the DB2 environment properly initialized. Message DB21061E is thrown if the script fails to connect to the database.

Other than the V5 script documented with swg21265179, easiest the script is to be run on the Tivoli Storage Manager server box. If your installation paths are different to the default paths you need to adjust the path variables accordingly.

Note: APAR IC72251 documents a problem that the SHOW THREADS command can crash the server. The script uses this command frequently on the Windows platform, so please make sure the fix for this is applied. See the link section for APAR details. On platforms other than Windows, the SHOW THREADS usage has been greatly reduced, however it is still recommended to apply the referenced fix.
APAR IC79957 documents a problem that there is a rare chance that SHOW DEDUPDELETEINFO might crash the server. The script has been modified so that the command is commented out. If you have the fix installed you can reactivate the command again.

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With performance like this, our 16 hour outage might possibly be only 4 hours long:

ANR1392I EXTRACTDB: Extracted 66,306,868 database entries in 2,901,496 pages and wrote 8,164,504,887 bytes in 0:10:01 (46638.27 megabytes per hour).
ANR1379I INSERTDB: Read 8,321,835,921 bytes and inserted 67,430,573 database entries in 0:10:00 (47616.00 megabytes per hour).

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Schnazzy. 67GB going in, 56GB on the target, 5 hours and 31 minutes from TSM 5.5.1 to TSM 6.3.

Just a few touchups and rebuild diskpools on the new box. *happy*
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Because I've not seen any full logs of TSM 6.2 or TSM 6.3 install anywhere, I'm posting a happy working install.

Note that this is from the download package, not base. We already have tivoli.tsm.license installed from the base CD manually (installp).

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After upgrading XP to 2008 R2 (manual process) and spending way too much time on Facebook, and troubleshooting the problems if bringing up a 5.5 32-bit instance on a 64-bit OS rather than install/restore, I was finally ready... Total time was 22 minutes (small database, single SATA drive).
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"Arizona is in the Mountain Time Zone and DOES NOT FOLLOW DAYLIGHT SAVINGS except for the Navajo Nation."

GAH. Here I thought I was one hour off from home, but I'm TWO.

Plus, I started an hour late for my Eastern customer. Blah.


Dec. 10th, 2010 11:35 am
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I might be going to DC next week. We'll see if the paperwork can be sorted by then.
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I have NO idea what the REAL problem was, but *something* was awry (not Cheryl) with the config on the Linksys aka Cisco Small Business router we use for NAT up here.

I pinged Verizon a while back and they said, "It fails both directions far outside of our network, so it's not us."

I didn't want to get into the semantics of "not REALLY... It could be a BGP issue" until I'd explored the issue with TWC.

I finally did that tonight and they were able to log into the cable modem and ping my house from there. I could ping to/from my house when I bypassed the linksys router. I could ping the TWC cable modem from my house.

Hrmmm. I dug through the configs in the Linksys and found NO config that should do this. I rebooted everything, no change.

So I copied down all of the configs, factory defaulted, updated firmware, reconfigured and VOILA! All network problems are resolved. Plus, I set the proper bandwidth max rates in our QOS config, and set up alert emails to go to me (barring any better place right now).


So, it wasn't a verizon problem. It wasn't a twc problem. It was a Linksys problem, which has now been resolved.


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