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Phrase for 2017-2018 school year is "Three Dinosaur Giraffe Butts".

The mantra is "Shovel" from grovel from gravel from gratitude.

The shovel head is the size of a spoon, and the handle is 35 feet long, and at a sharp angle. It is designed to move a piece of gravel weighing 18 tons, and about
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This is a cool term: Integrative Complexity. I stumbled onto in in political research, but it's not specific to politics. I had a hard time defining my specialty. I don't handle well a large number of things, but I can handle one or two things that are very complicated.


The reason I don't handle large numbers of things well is because I'm slow to load information into working memory, and when I change gears/topics, it completely flushes what I was working on, rather than loading in some side area.

Geeks call this "loss of state", or a cache miss after context switch.

Research shows it takes, on average, 23.25 minutes to resume an activity after being interrupted. Other studies indicate you lose 20% time to context switching per project, based on an 8 hour day. So, 2 projects get 40% each, but 5 projects get only 4% each.

That seems a little extreme, but it's based on programmers, who also have to maintain a large amount of state.

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The question I ask myself pretty often, obviously not as much in the heat of the moment, but in post-reflection, is "What is best for my kids." This does not mean "What is best for my wishes for my kids."

There are all sorts of things I want for my kids, and things I want them to do, or want
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* Flotsam is floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo.
* Jetsam is part of a ship, its equipment, or its cargo that is purposely cast overboard or jettisoned to lighten the load in time of distress and is washed ashore.
* Lagan (also called ligan) is goods or wreckage that is lying on the bottom of the ocean, sometimes marked by a buoy, which can be reclaimed.
* Derelict is cargo that is also on the bottom of the ocean, but which no one has any hope of reclaiming (in other maritime contexts, derelict may also refer to a drifting abandoned ship).



Aug. 29th, 2013 09:31 am
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Take responsibility for your own happiness.
You are not a failure if you have made poor judgements.
It is okay if you have erred.
Find out what you did that caused things you didn't like.
Find out why you did those things.
Change the why, and your what will change automatically.
Position yourself such that your natural choices are more to your liking.
Any time you think it's just too much to handle,
take a brief pause and remember what love and happiness feel like.

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Consider these observable facts:
* Procreation is not exact, and genetic mutation occurs in all offspring.
* Some genetic mutation is minor, and some is major.
* Some mutations provide a reduction in survivability
* Some mutations provide a benefit to survivability (physical prowess, critical thinking, disease resistance, etc).

So, regardless of whether humans exist purely by evolutionary purposes, the concepts underlying the process of evolution are observable.

Also, make sure you understand what the term "Theory" actually means. It means it's been tested, and is provable under many circumstances. It becomes a "Law" when it is provable all the time.

Now, if it were the "Hypothesis of Evolution", THAT would give some credibility to arguments counter to evolution. A "Hypothesis" is an educated guess, with some supporting evidence, which is uses as a basis against which to test further suppositions.

Really, it's an education and semantics war. If you're not educated, or discount evidence because you don't like it, or can't assimilate it into your world views, then you are not a credible resource. That makes you not qualified to decide policy on the matter unless it poses an immediate threat against your life.

As to those who say "Buh buh buh THE HOLY SCRIPTURES SAY!!!!!" They say a lot of things, but they do not say "Evolution does not exist" any more than they do not say "Gravity does exist" and "E=MC^2". If you believe in a creator deity, that does not contradict evolution as a principle. It only contradicts the people who do not believe in a creator deity and decided that evolution was evidence of non-existence (it's not).

Evolution is a process. Evolution doesn't say who started the initial spark, whether there are time acceleration affects involved, at what level the spark was created, etc. If an all powerful God created everything, including humans, then that God also created evolution, likely as a tool to simplify making multiple types of organisms, and to provide some resiliency against variations in the environment.

Here is your argument:
Museum Visitor: "This painting was made with green and brown paint."
Fundamental Religion: "NO, GOD MADE THAT PAINTING!"
Museum Visitor: But, it's still green and brown.
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Consider these other observable facts:
* The Earth's average global temperature as recorded observations has been trending up.
* Genetic adaptation (dying off of those who can't handle the climate change as compared to those who do because of differences in breeding rates) can only occur so fast (small percentages of each generation).
* Huge depopulation events cause gaps in society's support (ie, no workers, etc).
* There are coincidental human factors (CO2 emissions, etc).
* Humans also have the capability to influence some of the related components tied to climate change (emissions, reflectivity, efficiency, etc).

As such, who cares if humans are the absolute cause or not. We're still obligated to do what we can to limit the rate at which our home is converted into a place that will not sustain our progeny.

On the flip side, it's not feasible to commit society to a backwards slide in order to effect these changes unless we are already at the actual threshold of being in a backwards slide due to climate change. (We are not.)

It's a balance. Bickering back and forth over the issue helps, but actual work and research by qualified people is required to make that bickering valuable.

If you use propaganda to discount the opposition, you discredit your own position. If, as a class, you detrimentally harm another class through uneducated decisions, you are STILL RESPONSIBLE for that harm, and punishment is often more punitive than doing it right in the first place.
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Are you a repliCAN or a repliCAN'T?

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It's not my hair that I'm faulty...

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Honesty comes in many shades. For example, "I wish I had done something instead of something else."

If you really wanted to do that, you would already be doing it of have done it, or be creating a way to do it.

This is not the same as, "I wish I could do blah, but I have these impediments." So long as the impediments are truthful, such as "I don't have the will", or "I am too lazy", or "I am too ashamed", or "I have not spent tge time required to solve these specific limitations."

Be honest with yourself. Whether it's a little lie or a big one, guilt over your choices does not justify dishonesty.

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alaudine - skylarks
anserine - geese
aquiline - eagle
asinine - donkey
bovine - cattle
cancrine - crab
canine - dog
cervine - deer
corvine - crow
cyprine - cypress
cypseline - swift
equine - horse
elapine - snake
elaphine - deer
falconine - falcon
feline - cat
fringiline - finches
myoxine - dormouse
gruine - Crane (bird)
hircine - goat
jyngine - Wryneck (bird)
larine - to Gulls
leonine - lion
leporine - rabbit, hare
lupine - wolf
murine - rodent
oscine - songbirds (larks, shrikes, finches, orioles, and crows)
pardine - Spotted leopard
pavonine - peacock
piscine - fish
porcine - pig
ranine - Frogs
rupicoline - a rock inhabiting being
rusine - deer
serpentine - snake
sittine - Nuthatch (bird)
strigine - Owl
sturnine - Starlings
ursine - bear
viverrine - civet or mongoose
volucrine - birds or flying creatures
vulpine - fox
zibelline - Sable (Pine Marten)
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I wonder what would have happened if, instead of government loans, GM, Chrysler, and a quarter of banks and funds holding peoples' savings were allowed to completely fail.

Also, why does it make any moneyed institution "bad" for making stipulations on how loan money is handled until the loan is paid off?  In this instance, the companies had already failed, and it was just a matter of short time before all of those workers were unemployed, and possibly lost all of their retirement savings.

The reset would have been collapse, and for the other companies to buy the pieces, assets, brands, etc, and re-hire some of the workforce.

The problem is that when the workers lost their jobs, they would stop spending money.  This large of an amount of unemployment would have hit unemployment insurance funds, and the cash-flow of most other corporations.  The loss of cash flow would have dried up surplus cash reserves, as companies struggled to downsize to the lower demand.  This would create more unemployment.  The bottom would have been what, 30% unemployment?

At that point, there would be riots in many many places, much more than we have security/police forces for.  The cost to the government to protect those who were still employed through sheer luck, would be enormous.  This would be "the zombie invasion."  It wouldn't be some biological disease, it would be hunger, resentment, and loss.

42% of US households have guns.  The hungry and the not hungry would be forced to use them to protect their families.  We would have a civil war, based on hunger.  And then there would be disposal of the bodies to deal with.  There would be properties abandoned because the family fled, or was killed.

This is all speculation of course, but it's not "worst case" and it's not overly extreme.  It's entirely possible.  More likely, the federal government would be forced by the populous to deficit spend in order to feed the people.  This would have been a much more socialist policy than what the economic right wants.

There are very few corporations in the country other than the federal government who could fund this sort of "bail out".  You didn't see Ford offering to buy junk bonds of GM and Chrysler.

So really, a few billion in loans to help bankrupt companies restructure was a necessary evil.

Why am I even talking about this now, since it's passed?  I don't know.  The thoughts just came to mind, as I've found a good number of very fiscally right people on my friend's list, and I just don't see how a purely free market would in any way help anyone other than the lucky, uncommonly cautious, and those who have resources already.

I don't think the far left is good either.  Overly taxed leads into an authoritarian structure, but I think some manner of government intervention, just as a power competition against the oligarchies of big business, is a good thing.  This can be had, without giving up too much personal control to the government.  People need to understand that zero corporate regulation is no the same as zero personal regulation.  Corporations will regulate consumers.
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Erica joined "stick in the mud" and "better than a poke in the eye."

"Better than a poke in the mud."

Mine was pretty awesome too. The fam was watching The Avengers, but it was skipping. I said, "I can pull it out and polish it for you.". Everyone died at the insufficient context for "it" as spoken.

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When you go to the beach, you must take along a big blanket, a thermos bottle full of spit
TYPE OF LIQUID, lots of suntan snot
SOMETHING ICKY, and a couple of folding bananas
PIECE OF FURNITURE (PLURAL). Then you put on your banana
ARTICLE OF CLOTHING so you can get a beautiful green
COLOR to last you all summer. You also should have a big hat to keep the sun off your ear
PART OF THE BODY. If you want exercise, you can find some gallons
PLURAL NOUN to play volleyball with. Volleyball is America’s favorite tall
ADJECTIVE game. You can also bring a/an wordy
ADJECTIVE lunch, such as hard-boiled nouns
PLURAL NOUN, a few dolphin
ANIMAL sandwiches with mustard, and some bottles of trolldragon
SILLY WORD cola. If you remember all of the above and get a place near a/an scrapy
ADJECTIVE lifeguard, you can sunbathe slippily
ADVERB all day.
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Interesting experiment. I have only a small number of printed books at my desk. I have a handful of PDFs and some books on kindle for iphone. Where there are no page numbers, I hit page-down 56 times. Where a page doesn't have 5 sentences, I wrap to the next page. Here's mine, though I don't have 21:

Only south 3585' of rwy is lighted. The reduction of wing-tip vortices, due to ground effect, alters the spanwise lift distribution and reduces the induced angle of attacl, and induced drag causing floating.

The fog lifts just enough to launch three balloons from the Wyoming Balloon Company owned by Andy Breffeilh (pronounced breff' ul). The old man had grown noticeably more cheerful after receiving the four dollars.

This option must be set to VSE ON when the F1A drive is attached to an FC 3500 controller that is attached to a Native VSE host. The passive forms of verbs can also express what is called direct passive.

If auxiliary pump has been on in landing, turn "OFF". The ground-to-air communications service is a broadcast service, providing meteorological information to enroute aircraft (VOLMET), and is provided by FAA. Designated stations shall include pressure tendency data in each 3- and 6-hourly report.

Larkin sat hunched, looking up with his gentle, pleading eyes. "Ha, ha, hate, hate," Snowflake said. Human minds were connected to eachother, just as they were connected to everything else in this world and every other world.

I should confine myself to my own actual experiences (to invent would be to fail) & I would name everybody's actual name & locality & describe his character & actions unsparingly, then change these names & localities after the book was finished.
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The Adventures of Maple (unabridged)
by Max Davis

"It's going to be a loooong week," I sighed. I had no idea I was about to have the adventure of my life.

"Yes, it will be, but don't worry Maple. You'll probably make some friends," assured my mom, and the tree I grew on, Mother Maple.
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Funny Fill-In: The Mad Inventor (Khai, Max, Daddy, Khai, Max, Daddy, repeat)

I was going to be rich! I had just invented the first electric Max. Using an oversized chainsaw from Ralph's toolbox, I built it out of old super-thin chips, metal planets, and rubber pebbles. The first time I turned it on, the machine worked jumpily. I couldn't believe it! "Baby Hippos!" I yelled, shambling up and down. I quickly invited a leafy billionaire to check out my invention. I couldn't wait to sell it for INFINITY million dollars and live like Mario the Plumber. But when I turned it on, something went terribly hairy. The machine started leaping and sleeping. Suddenly it spewed sewer juice and shot slices of rump roast in all directions. The billionaire started screaming at the top of his rumps and rumped out of my lab. Good thing I still get my weekly allowance.
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The word Bible comes from the town where the Byzantium monks established their first scriptorium, Byblos, in modern Lebanon.
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So we have this book called "An Exhaltation of Larks". It's like an etymology dictionary, but more entertaining. It lists the more obscure words for "group of", among other things.

Today, Erica noticed that James Lipton is the author. Hrm, that's neat, is it THE James Lipton?

*Websearch* *DING* Yes, in the 1960s. Oh, Wow...

James Lipton was born in 1926. He's 83.

I NEVER would have guessed. Goes to show what a little hair color will do for perceptible age. Plus, he's very clear, composed unflappable, and overall mentally so much more active and able than his age would let on. I mean, just a few years ago, he chugged a Foster's oilcan and crushed it against his head during one of Conan's shows!

I hope I'm his mentally active when I'm 60.

Er, actually, I wish I were that mentally active now.


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