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Has 1800mAH battery, and accepts USB or expresscard cellphone or cellular modem.
Serves as a WiFi access point, NAT, etc.
Will charge a cellphone (assuming you plug it in, or don't need more than about half of its' internal battery).


(others: http://www.evdoinfo.com/component/option,com_wrapper/Itemid,115/ )
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We picked Lowes, because they are cleaner feeling than Home Depot, and more responsive than direct general contractors.

For the cabinets, chose Kraft Maid brand, Lynchburg style (Cherry wood, mission style), with Honey Spice finish. They don't have the exact cabinet online, but they look like this:

For the floor, 16" Rialto Beige tile, without the accents in this photo:

LG HiMacs brand, Lattetude style countertop, bullnose edge:

With integrated sink:

Whirlpool over the range microwave:

We're going to get an over-table light with a separate switch rather than the corner light hangy bit we have now. We haven't picked a fixture yet, but that's easy to add.

We'll do baseboard, backsplash and paint ourselves too, because it's pretty easy.

We'll have the rough work-up late tomorrow, and we'll refine and tweak from there.
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8x 400GB SATA drives in a 1U enclosure with fans, power, RAID controller, 2x FC and 2x GigE and 1x RS232.

$1595 Canadian, plus $30 shipping.
It's SUPPOSED to be 15,995, as per the other models of the same thing.

It's been this price for a couple of days.

I want one.

It's a place listed with Shopping.yahoo which seems to have some level of respectability and enforcability for disputes. Plus, I could dispute with a card...

Should I try to buy two and sell one, using a card with a low enough limit to prevent them from trying to bill 10x the order price?

Update Here's for everyone else: http://www.future-micro.ca/db/product.php?productid=836
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Please search eBay for "Starbuck White Chocolate Mocha 63oz jug with pump" and buy one for me.
It's $28 plus $9.50 shipping.

Erica will take the Pumpkin Spice one.

That's all.
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Sharp Zarus SL-C3100
Plus accessories.


Oh, with english conversion please.
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OK, so what the fork. It's just a stapler, right?


This is the most awesome stapler ever.
It stapes thick things, no jams, no crumples.

It just works.

No more smacking it hard to make it work.
It's got a grip.
It self opens when you fold it open.

It's just the end-all, be-all of grapadors.
Trust me.
It's worth buying one.
I'll have to get one or two now.


I need one at work, one in the home office, and one downstairs.

I'll see if I can post some pictures, but I can't do it right now.

Golden Corral on I35 at 1171 calls to me.
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A) Today, I had spicy grease. Then caffeine. Then more caffeine. Then milkfat. Even immodium is no match for ALL THREE TRIGGERS WITHIN 3 HOURS!

So yah, TMI.

B) I would like a 1U server with 4 PCI-X slots. No, I'm not high. Think about it. Two-Sided riser with forward and rear facing slot on each side. Mobo would have to be small. CD drive could be laptop. Only one hdisk, or maybe a couple of 2.5" drives instead.
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OK, so when I A) buckle down and become debt free, have a redone kitchen and A/C, and other stuff, and then have lots of free cash (ie, never, or after lotto), then I want these:

Roland DGA SX-15 Desktop Cutter
Roland DGA CX-24 CAMM-1 Desktop Vinyl Cutter
Roland DGA MDX-15 or MDX-20 Scanner/Miller
Roland DGA RX-50 Rotary Spiral Axis Engraver
Roland DGA EGX-20 2d/3d engraver
Roland DGA EGX-30 12x8 2D engraver
Any of the Epilog Laser Cutter Products (The Mini 24 is $19k, the Mini-18 is cool, but the 38EXT is a MONSTER!)

Anyway... That is all.

In the meantime, if I needed some custom thing made, I'd have to use eMachineShop and hope for the best. :)
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Since Winternals.com was unhelpful and greedy, I am not going to tell them that it is possible to visit mscracks to get the patched v5.0 binary and license file use it with winternals' free R/O NTFSDOSPro 4.x download. I hear from a reliable source that this combination works.

I would personally never violate license or copyright agreements, and I recommend AGAINST violating any restrictions on this software; however, I also request that you not make them aware of this breach - leave it up to them to find out on their own.
inflexible ripoff Winternals.com )
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I'm looking for a microwave, under $200, minimally 900W, minimally 1.2 cuft, over the range with vent/fan and light preferrably.

top contenders )
Any input would be appreciated.


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