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Broke my "no refined carbs except on bike days" rule. Mushroom-Garlic Beef, and Cilantro-Lime Rice served over fresh spinach.

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Birthday was low key. Started Saturday evening, spending 7 hrs with the Ellises, getting home about 2:30am. Bed by 3am, but had work form 4a to 5a.

Back in bed from 6:45 to 10:45, then time with Jenn and the kids while Erica got goodies for cashew/vegan/cheesecake.

Tidied up my bike mess in the garage, and got presents: Bike magazine subscription and last few issues; stuffed zombie with Velcro body parts; and an ornamental pepper plant.

Then, Jenn treated us to BJ's Bar and Grill. Nom nom!

A little lounging, and a nap from 3:50 to 6:50p, and we had the cheesefake with raspberry sauce as desert to dinner. Dinner involved sausage, grits, and kale, all of which were tasty.

A little Adventure Time, kitchen tidy, magazine reading, and just relaxing.

It is now time for bed.


Sep. 4th, 2013 11:04 pm
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Sorry I lost my temper.

Also, you don't need justification to change your house. Just dollars.

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We just finished MI-5 on Netflix.

A most amazing series. The last 2-3 seasons were imperfect, but still better than most shows' heyday.

Also, the series finale was a kick in the gut.

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Rode my bike from Highland Village to the end of Irving's Campion Trail. The Ruverside park down here does not show up on Facebook, so know the Mustangs seemed the best checkin. 2 hours and 23 miles, but now I get to finish a sandwich and head back. Low on water. The last outdoor food place I saw was in Valley Ranch. I am too stinky to go in anywhere, but that might be too far to wait for water.

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up late. woke 4 mins before alarm.

dream was i was an airline pilot flying the joke plane. was under serious pressure to fly it or lose my kob and have FAA and NTSB. go after me.

After some turn-arounds, got under way. Then ATC had me look up some ARINC alerts on my APU. could not find ANY info and stepped thru a portal to go to get help.

Basically, the plane's logs were half on 8mm film, and half in essay form in steel filing cabinets IN THE PLANE. Also in the logs were shelves of red eyed plush monkeys in 5 sizes, and piles of leftover equipment from when the plane was an air fortress think tank.

Anyway, got help looking, and became a supporter for cleaning up the crap and converting logs into concise, typed info. Justification to airline for the expense was room for more passengers, since the entire 1st class cabin was log and equip storage.

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Pretty good. 4.5 stars. A few lighting issues and technical issues, and pacing was a little slow. I think that is purposeful, because of the structure of the movie.

Definitely worth the watch. We have it for another 43 hrs. :)

YaY Amazon VoD.


Jun. 25th, 2013 07:09 am
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Going to see if I can get into the trails at Twin Coves. The west side is where I was blocked Sunday, and there is an open lot on each side. Hopefully the owner won't be upset. There is also a drainage area just west of the pool2 tennis courts that might gain me access.

I'm also testing out my 2L hydration pack. It's loaded with ice, water, and electrolyte flavoring. The temps should be over 80F by the time I am done, and I would like to get back without a headache.

I will post any new photos to blogger and facebook, but not sure about the maps. I'm on strava, mapmyride, and garmin connect, though mmr will autopost to facebook for me.

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I had an awesome dream, where I slipped through to a parallel universe (sometime that's mi idea of what dreams or daydreames are) and helped a bunch of friends and aquaintances with a world war. I was 19, but had my knowledge from now.

One friend, we became close and really enjoyed eachother. She wrote notes for me to tell her here-self to prove we new eachother so we could be friends here. I had her write it, and it was very scripty, with letters lined up a certain way. It was like elvish. She also gave me a lock of hair, coarse, long, and crinkly.

She reminded me of Stefanie F, but it wasn't her. In that world, they knew of eachother. I cannot remember her name or where she lived.

The school we talked at, we were visiting because of a war room coordination on the weekend or evening. Schools were extra important with the war on, and they got better technology and were more fortified.

Somehow, not everyone knew there was a war, but many did.

There was also a gathering in the backyard of what was my mom's house in this universe. Lots of tables. Lobster was there, a friend IRL from ages past.

Anyway, we didn't get to hug goodbye. We exchanged the info in the notepad, and I told her to look up the version of me from there. I was going to call her when I got back and convince her we'd met parallel and that we should try to be friends.

I don't remember her name, and I miss her. It's weird to miss someone from a dream that I cannot ever remember her name (common issue of names for me). But I do. We were great friends for months, but I'll forget she ever existed by tomorrow.

If I remembered, I would see if she were a real person. Dreams have a way of coalescing real information.

Anyway, I woke, as is the stimulus for remembered dreams, and was up 1 minute before my alarm to go bicycling. Time to have a light snack and go.

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Airplane card

Computer card

Present- a water backpack (think ice pack).

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Is that a Y shirt?

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Are you a repliCAN or a repliCAN'T?

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Very tasty food, relaxed atmosphere, and our waitress, Andrea, is taking care of us well. It's our "day before 12th anniversary" outing.

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eb bday

Mar. 28th, 2013 08:10 pm
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Taters, greenie beanies, chicken sausage, a drink, and Airplane The Movie with the kids on Erica's b-day. Woot!

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Max: Hey, Khai?
Khai: No.

Erica and I died laughing.
My ghost is posting this.

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Mar. 16th, 2013 12:11 am
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If you use a hostile tone with someone, it is 100% your doing. No matter what someone does or does not do, your reaction is never their fault.

Also, if you use an angry or hostile tone, that will always be intimidating. While it is great when people can defuse you, it is not their responsibility.

If someone is shellshocked, and can't react rationally, that is their responsibility; however, it does not make your hostility towards them anything other than your own choice.

We must take responsibility for our own actions, and apologize when we misbehave. We must not blame others for our guilt, nor bypass guilt in order to blame others for our own actions.

If we have no guilt or empathy for the distress in others related to our behavior, then we need an outside voice to help find our way.

In the end, everyone is worthy of love, even ourselves, and even those who we anger against.

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Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to research "swarm intelligence" of ant colonies. No cut and paste, but write your own short essay here about what it is and how it works (1-5 paragraphs). No extrapolations, suppositions, or metaphysics at this time.

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2 dreams

Feb. 28th, 2013 07:24 am
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In my dream, I set up a lot of stuff on my coprp desktop but I was not really used yet when I was let go for speaking out too much. (annoying to execs, not violations). I was trying to figure out how to clean it off before leaving so as to not have a security risk for the execs, but I didn't want to leave people hanging by removing things that no one else had. I was fighting myself over whether to just wipe the system, which would be the easiest way out, but would be a hardship for those who were left. The thing is, no one else would know the hardship even existed. My other option was to save info for when people called me later in the year for help, but even though it would be secure, it would be questionable to have done so. Amazingly, I was not frustrated, just indecisive. Also disappointed in the exec.

Other dream, I remember individually placing hundreds of MineCraft blocks, but not why. This is odd because I really don't play. IRL, my builds always got destroyed, repeatedly, so I gave up many months ago.

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It's not my hair that I'm faulty...

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Honesty comes in many shades. For example, "I wish I had done something instead of something else."

If you really wanted to do that, you would already be doing it of have done it, or be creating a way to do it.

This is not the same as, "I wish I could do blah, but I have these impediments." So long as the impediments are truthful, such as "I don't have the will", or "I am too lazy", or "I am too ashamed", or "I have not spent tge time required to solve these specific limitations."

Be honest with yourself. Whether it's a little lie or a big one, guilt over your choices does not justify dishonesty.

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