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Ok, so I just finished cleaning up tags to a certain level.

More than half of the tags that only had one instance were removed or retagged.
In the process, some collapsing of duplicates (network, networks, networking / video, videos, movie, movies)
Then, all of the tags with zero entries were removed.

THEN! With LJ-SEC, I tagged all untagged messages with "untagged"

Now, it's not cleaned up like I want it to be, but the immediate problem of having exhausted the maximum number of tags per journal was alleviated by far. (Down to roughly 575 from 1000)
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Dweem fwoatah
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Post: chicago led sign says "use ashland or lsd"
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Post: Sometimes my text messages are delayed for many hours. This is unsettling since i never know.
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Does anyone know of free software for Linux or windows that provides data deduplication as a filesystem compression module? Even if it's a post-processor, this would probably be ok, but ideally, the FS would maintain some sort of hash table that crossreferenced matching blocks.

Yes, I've asked for this before. There are several "products" out there that do it for a steep fee. I think rsync has most of the code bits required to scan files and find duplicate blocks, but this is only for network and not for backend storage.


Jun. 25th, 2007 03:10 pm
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Happiness bestoweth I to the 27th day of the month of Hera, for it would mark the incrementing of the age of one FARRIS GOLDSTEIN!
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Thats why we give our guests free will. You can continue to relive this hour,or you can use our express checkout service. Would you like to check out mr enslin?
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"OOOOOO! We have more Star Trek than you can shake a phaser at."

"That's like trying to find a nanite in a haystack."


Jun. 17th, 2007 09:20 pm
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After 2 hours in the car yesterday, and all day away from home...
and then today's worsening of my back,
I've canceled my SLC trip. Murphy will go for me, and I'll help remote.
I just can't be upright more than about 4 hours at a time.

My insurance specifically doesn't cover acupuncture but they do cover chiro and medical, and I've hit my max out of pocket for the year for the family.

So, I may try to go see my sister's back Dr. Maybe I can get an MRI out of it. I've always wanted one.

I've thought about Chiro. I'm still a little hesitant for something so brutal without pretty detailed imaging in advance.

Now, I've been at the computer for an hour trying to rebook travel and update my coworker with no notice.

I'm going to see if I can even stand up.
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The reason the ocean is so salty is because all the whales keep peeing in the water!

W3 OWN J))

Apr. 22nd, 2007 07:53 pm
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W3 OWN J))
W3 OWN J)),
originally uploaded by xaminmo.
We purchased the whole world.

Bow down, b10tch3z.
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Post: Re eiwe's post about jimi wallets, i just cleaned out mine. Still a little much for a jimi but so much i did not need to carry in my pocket. Much lighter.
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Per eiwe's post about jimi wallets, i just cleaned out mine. Still a little much for a jimi but soooo much i did not need to carry in my pocket. Much lighter.
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So, I'm halfway not hurting in the back/neck, but I'm getting sick. :/
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Post: penn station is big. Also, did not get here soon enough for 11:15 to alb. Did not remember sched that early. 13:45 was full. I am confirmed on 14:45.
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Dear Blair.Com,
First, please fix your contact form. I filled out the bolded lines, and I typed in text. When I click submit, it says "Please enter a proper value."

Also, when advertising "Big & Tall", and advertising them as "Available", then please actually allow me to order pants which are both Big AND Tall, or change your title to "Big Or Tall". 46W does not mean I'm 5' tall and 28" inseam. I have a fucking 35" inseam. Let me order 46/36.


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