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Jan. 8th, 2013 01:17 pm
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Wondering about fitting into various airplanes, and how "seat pitch" plays in.

So, I took a straight edge along my backside, and measured from there to the tip of my knee...


Seat Pitch on a plane measures between the same places in seats, so back to back, not "the free space between seats."

On the back part of an AA MD80, the seat pitch is 31", and the seat is just about 5" thick.

In other words, I'm mashing myself into those seats.


But really, I was measuring this to see what sorts of GA planes I could fit into.

Seat Height: My lower leg needs 25" to clear the yoke,
Leg Room: My upper leg needs 27" to clear the panel or seat in front of me.
Seat Pitch: 27" plus the thickness of the seat.
Seat Width: 19" if my pockets are empty.
Headroom: My torso needs 39" from the seat to the top of the cabin.

Obviously, some angles can be factored in here, but if my lower legs have to bend back, then it limits my ability to operate the rudder.
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Still weirded out by a dream... Was going to the airport somewhere, and Jenny had Louisa get my ticket on their itinerary... She added me as Joshua Rosebery, and that got all of us flagged as no fly.

Apparently, someone by that name hacked Verizon systems and was labelled a terrorist.

The airport staff were just sent us off to a waiting area with a bunch of other no fly people but would not tell us anything. I had to sneak out and go investigate at some build site to find out why.

I was worried we were going to miss our flight, and tried to reason with a supervisor. He just kept making faces at me, trying to get me to crack a smile, because that would prove to him that I was lying about my real name.

Everyone else was being detained by non-LEO airport staff, and not allowed to leave. I was planning how to get real police involved and lawsuits for illegally confining us.

Flu dreams are weird...

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Nov. 17th, 2012 05:40 am
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Finally called thru the PreCheck line. Nice. No deshodding, no removing liquids, and only a metal detector. Pretty quick, and no frazzled trying to put shoes, belt, liquids, etc back in place. Was worth the $50 (5yr) and CBP background check just if I only get this line once a year.

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Turn Down Service.

So I had room service at 7:25, and went to a 7:40 movie. I got back about 9:35 only to find my room altered.

My dishes were gone.

The bolster pillows were moved to the sofa

The sheets were turned down

Two chocolates and a bottle of water were left on the nightstand.

The TV was on, playing an infomercial not on the channel I picked before turning off the TV at 7:40, but not the hotel guide channel. It timed out 15 mins after I got back.

The lights were on (I left them off).

Does this all mean my room service lady misses me, or ? I feel a little awkward about this. Sort of like my false sense of privacy was falsely violated.

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Trying to go 1.5 miles and TomTom consistently tries to have me turn left at no-left-turn signs, or cut across 5 lanes of traffic and three solid white lines in one block. Also, some turns were invisible, as in, no road is there, or if it is, it's a sidewalk.

Compound this by LA not using consistent block sizes, so you have to zig zag a bunch, crossing lanes, etc. Tons of pedestrian traffic too.

All of this contributes to the brown haze over Orange and all of the surrounding counties, and the crappy traffic congestion.


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I switched back to Hertz because of availability and service issues with Avis last year.

Now, Hertz is skimping on cleaning their cars. This is the second time this month, two different states, that my rental car has food in it, and drink dried in interior panels. My first report to Hertz went unanswered.

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Another reason to not leave unsecured goods in your hotel room:
How it's done:

Maker's 46

Jun. 6th, 2012 10:22 pm
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Not sure what I think about this version.
The overall flavor is the same, but the beginning is MUCH more charcoal, and the end is still pretty sweet.

If you drink it straight, it's probably worth the change. If it's mixed, then probably not enough of a difference to matter.


Jul. 2nd, 2011 12:01 am
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I can't post directly from my phone, because data service is only available as roaming data from AT&T and not from the local telco.

BUT, I have photos up at or at the The Bahamas Set. Nothing really amazing. It's mostly me documenting what I find different or interesting, rather than any "beautiful landscape" or "striking imagery".

Also, Curaçao (Caribbean Island off the coast of Venezuela) is not pronounced "kur-uh-kow" nor "koor-uh-sow", but "KEE-rah-Sao". It's based on the Portuguese word for "Cure" because sailors landed there around 450 years ago with scurvey, and the nearly inedible cultivar of oranges cured them. The oranges were Valencia oranges from the Spaniards in the 1500s that didn't do so well in the soil there.

Also, "Cay" is pronounced "Key" and probably is the same root as "Key" in "Florida Keys".

Also, The Bahamas are not actually Caribbean Islands. They're on the outside of Cuba (KOO-buh), which makes them Atlantic Islands.

Also, due to map projection issues, those of us in NorthAmerica may be surprises to note that the distance from The Bahamas to Curaçao is 1100 miles.
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"Arizona is in the Mountain Time Zone and DOES NOT FOLLOW DAYLIGHT SAVINGS except for the Navajo Nation."

GAH. Here I thought I was one hour off from home, but I'm TWO.

Plus, I started an hour late for my Eastern customer. Blah.
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I've been up since 4am Central, though 3:30 to 4:00 was only stage 1-2 sleep. I was tight on time, but got to the airport gate as they were boarding First Class. I was group 2, so it worked out. I napped a bunch on the plane and feel depleted, with low mental power, but sensory input is working fine.

Right now, I'm hanging out at KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor, AZ. I don't have a mental map of the place, but it seems pretty sprawlish. I missed the wolfgang puck and ended up eating a pizza covered in cheese because I needed protein. Cheese is not my friend, but I'll survive.

The 2 ladies next to me are speaking in an East European language, maybe Russian. It's pretty awesome and I snuck a recording on my phone. Also, the paging announcements are made by speech synthesizer rather than human. It's the same voice used for the internet cartoons arguing between phone types or airplane types whose site name has eluded me.

My flight out boards in about 40 mins. I am tired.
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I suggested for someone to make a travel checklist based on what they do or require when traveling.

I immediately realized I don't have one, but I usually travel light, carry-on only.

What do I actually pack in my bags?

Computer backpack:
* laptop
* power for laptop and cellphone
* pens, flashlight, bluetooth headset
* retractable ethernet cable
* papers/documents I need for the week.
* Aleve, Immodium, travel umbrella

Personal bag:
* Spare pants
* Shirt, socks and undies for each day, min 3 sets, max 7.
* 2 plastic bags for clothes, or whatever.
* sometimes a spare belt or swim trunks
* If it's cold, I'll take a windbreaker
* toiletry bag

Toiletry bag:
* 1Q bag for deodorant, shaving cream, toothpaste
* hairbrush, comb, safety razor, toothbrush, floss
* Shout wipes

NOTE: Some TSA agents get confused by shave soap. I've been told I don't need to put it into the quart bag, and I've had it thrown away because it could be "substance". With air travel, ymmv.

If camping, I'll leave the computer, and bring extra shoes.

Erica's stuff:
* Most of the stuff I carry
* Plus extra pants
* Plus extra shoes
* Plus make-up
* Plus a hoodie or two

If kids coming, their backpacks need:
* Nintendo DS & games
* Activity workbooks
* Snacks
* Clothes & toiletries

Travel documents:
* Printed Reservation confirmations
* Boarding passes
* Photo ID (passport, driver's license)
* Keys, Wallet, Phone

If we were abandoning the house for more than a week:
* All of the above
* Turn the thermostat down
* Put a hold on the mail
* Clean the kitchen and vacuum the floors (to keep bugs away)
* Make sure bills are caught up.

If traveling for a month
* All of the above
* Prepay bills
* Notify ccard company of travel plans
* Suspend Dish service
* Make sure any damp towels, etc have all been laundered
* Find someone to check up on the house every week.

This is just a SWAG, off the top of my head.

Here are some links that seemed useful:
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Inbound plane was delayed 35 mins.
No prob, 35 mins is short.

We're 95% boarded and the flush fluid was overfilled, and soapy, blue water pours out of the forward lav, through the floorboards, into the flight deck and the cargo hold.


Based on past experiences, I figured 45 mins to an hour. NnoooOOO! They had no wet/dry vacuum service.

Mop Mop Mop.

It'll be another hour.

Mop Mop Mop.

Maint is cleaning out cargobay for another hour.

Mop Mop Mop.

Baggage tram pulls up. Uh oh.

Off the plane to get some food.

Cell updates. 10pm. 11pm, 10:50pm, 10pm, midnight, 10:16pm,


It will be 2 hours before they can get rebooks for connecting flights (we have none) and then they can begin hotel arrangements.

All I need is a boarding pass. Fairfield has 3 rooms waiting for us. Reimburse if you can, but we need sleep. Fairfield even has a 24 hour shuttle for us too.


May. 2nd, 2009 10:01 pm
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Ok, so, I'm an AA/Avis/Marriott whore. I love the points, and it's all VERY convenient for me from DFW.

However, my customer is in Latrobe, PA.

KLBE is a general aviation airport, but there happens to be a small commuter service to Detroit, licensed by NWA.

Well, my customer is walking distance from KLBE, and Hertz, NWA and Wingate(Hyatt) are my only reasonable choices.

I COULD fly into Pittsburgh, drive 1.5 to 2 hours, worry about traffic, etc.

Or, I could bill about $280 more and be RIGHT THERE. The customer gets more time with me on Friday, I get more time with my family on Sunday, and I don't spend 2 hours driving in an unknown metropolitan area.

It's just... that... well... I don't get my normal points!

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TSA can establish but had not established the right to require ID prior to flying domestically.

As such, as long as you are willing to suffer "Secondary Screening", then you do not have to present ID to clear airport security.

However, local, state and federal law enforcement can "compel" you to show ID, and can provide that information to TSA.

Also, your airline may require that you show ID, even though they usually do not on the assumption that you showed a matching ID at the airport security checkpoint.

While I think security procedures are annoyingly inconsistent, have a negative impact on satisfaction and on time consumption, I do think that security verification of persons moving about the country can and should be performed from time to time.

I think funnelling mass transit passengers through a checkpoint is a good idea.

I think that the next generation technology will improve performance of these checkpoints substantially.

Regardless of any of this, I personally am not willing to deal with secondary screening just to keep an unknown person from spending 12 seconds looking at my government issued driver's license. There is a minimal amount of security screening for TSA agents, and aside from bad mood/attitude, or newbies being unsure of regulations, overall, a surprising majority of them are trying to do what I consider to be the right thing -- minimally invasive, cursory verification that people are who they say they are.

They will not catch professionals who have quality falsified credentials, nor people who are willing to travel the slow way (by road); however, the agency isn't designed for that purpose. We're not chipped and not registering our location constantly. This is just to track or intercept low threat persons, new threat persons, and to slow the travel of medium threat persons. High threat persons have special teams tracking them and should probably be left alone by TSA (and would be due to their invisibility at that level).

Also, New High Threat persons who could exploit this system would generally only be able to do so once, and then the would be trackable or interceptable.

Moving to a system which stops high level threats before they can exploit the system would be far too invasive to be accepted by the general public, and therefore is not visibly implemented.

Wow, what a ramble. All speculation.

I'm hungry.
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In 38 minutes anyway...

Happy b-day to the Sn0w m4n...


Dec. 21st, 2008 11:46 pm
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I think 2009 will be the year for the Davis Family to acquire a Prius since they're low demand, high inventory, and seem to have decent room inside.

Dunno though. Erica wants a new house instead.
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yay. I planned my seat for front entry but this is an atr with rear pax door. Due to more bags, I was moved to back for wt & balance.
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wow. I saw a rainbow as a complete circle with 2 copies of each color.

Flying is beautiful.
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So I finally had my shave soap taken away. The refill was glycerine based and the sticker was gone. Even so, the refill was 3 oz but original soap was 3.4.


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