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If time slows to a near stop for objects travelling close to the speed of light, what happens to time when all momentum is at a dead stop?

The short answer is, with true zero momentum, you would cease to exist. If you had very small momentum, then time would pass very very
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I didn't use all of this in this batch, and there were a couple of additives and shape molds that aren't shown here

First melt to 134F:
1.5oz Macadamia Nut Butter
2oz Palm Oil
1oz Cocoa butter
1oz Shea butter
15oz Coconut oil, 76 degree melt
8oz Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil
4oz Candelillia Wax

Liquid oils added:
7.5oz Castor oil
39oz Cottonseed oil
1oz Sweet Almond Oil - scent
NOTE: 0.25oz oil sticks to large, plastic measuring cup

I forgot to get a photo here, but basically, it looked like corn oil, but was more thick.

LOW on back left burner is 199-200F
Cooled everything back to 111F
The oil mix was thickening up on the walls at 111F

Added caustic solution:
28oz H2O
11.43oz NaOH

Was hard to detect light trace, so turned the heat back on.
Medium trace at 134F

Added at medium trace:
59g Almond Meal - texture
15g orange peel - scent & texture
15g lemon oil - scent
5g lavender blossoms - scent & texture
11g lavender oil - scent
16g Sodium Carbonate - Prevents hard water from making soap scum
16g Sodium Benzoate - Prevents oils from oxidizing

Trace Plus Additives

Softening & separation starts at 140F
Remelt/separation completed about 160F
Notice the thin layer of oil here after I stopped stirring
(no title)

It came back together around 174F (with stirring)
(no title)

The foam volcano started about 199F, but I turned off the heat.
I don't need to cook off ALL of the water during prep.
The foamcano was just some whitish foam in the middle.
Might have added nice air to the bar, as would have a stick blender.

I was pretty much done once the texture became... hrm... uniform,
but it would peel off of itself when pulling the spatula out.
When not stirring, it looks sort of like mashed potatoes and gravy.
(no title)

I cooked at about 180F for another 15 mins or so, and no change.
Some cooled blobs were tested, and showed up a pH of 10.0, +/- .1

When I did the final stir for pouring, I took away most of the additive floaties (almond skins, preservative) and put them into one specific bar.
Next time, I'll try to remember to dissolve them.

My block mold wasn't as big as I thought, so I also used a mini-loaf mold, small bar molds, and then had a small patty of leftovers.

(no title)

Since it's hot process, it's safe to use as soon as it's hard enough to use.
It's a little early to really see how it will turn out, but it did lather, and it did rinse away.
My hands are pretty dry, but I washed and rinsed them MANY times due to cleaning up oil, and paranoia about Lye.

I should be able to unmold it tomorrow, and maybe even cut things to proper sizes.
After that, dry time should be fast (less than a week) under a heater vent (with a towel to protect from dust).


I rebatched all of the scraps, and it was MUCH better consistency. I think a stick blender will be in order. I may rebatch all of this just because.

I have plans for a second batch without almonds.
It will be more moisturizing, and will have tea tree oil.

Also, I plan to make a batch of leftover oils, really boring soap, but with Zinc Oxide. This will be a very white, opaque soap, and I can use it as swirls.

So far, everything is vegan friendly, but I also plan to do a small batch with some lard also.

Best References:

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A friend asked "How is the Higgs Boson related to a Quark?"
I found a lot of good secondary research online, but the organization was poor for those of us who aren't already particle physicists. After a few hours of study, here's what I came up with as a reply, with a post-edit for readability:

Quarks are fermions, meaning they have 1/2 integer spin. They have both strong and weak interaction. Quarks are the constituent particles of hadrons, such as the Baryons, with 3 Quarks (proton, neutron, antiproton), or the Mesons, with 2 quarks, one of which is an antiquark.

This differs from leptons, which are also fermions, but which do not exhibit strong interaction. Leptons include the electron, muon, tauon, and neutrino particles. Leptons do not have a spatial extent. In other words, they have a small mass, but no size - they are "point particles").

Opposed to Fermions are Bosons. Bosons have a whole integer spin. Gauge bosons are single particle bosons which carry forces between other particles. Technically, a composite particle containing an even number of fermions would also be a Boson, though would still be limited by fermionic rules, such as the Pauli-Exclusion principle, wherein 2 particles of the same type and charge cannot occupy the same space. Composite particle bosons include Mesons (2 quarks), and even-numbered nuclei (Helium).

Gauge Bosons include photons, which carry the ElectroMagnetic force, which affects the quantum state of a particle (spin direction, angular momentum, etc.) W+, W-, and Z bosons carry the Weak force, related to Quark "Flavor", and therefore radioactive decay. Gluons carry the Strong Force, aka the color charge (RGB normal, and CMY anti), which holds quarks together inside Hadrons, and its residual holds Hadrons together inside nuclei.

Other singlet bosons, include the graviton, with spin of 2, which carries gravity, but which hasn't been "found" yet, so may not actually exist except as a mathematical remainder. Also, the Higgs Boson, which was recently found, carries mass. It has a spin of zero, electric charge of zero, and no color. It is its own antiparticle.

Quarks change flavor by emitting or absorbing a W boson. They absorb or release energy (heat, light, etc) through photon exchanges. They change color though gluon exchange. Exchanging of Higgs Bosons causes a conversion between mass and energy. Effectively, the particle slows down, but the energy is not given away, rather, it converts to mass (E=MC^2).
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Some interpretations of some religions prevent their parisoners from using proper taxonomy due to the perceived implication that it somehow speaks against various religious tomes' authority over the possibility of creation by a supreme being, or that humans are anything less than the sole purpose for the existence of the Earth.

This is not a Christian specific limitation. Other religions have this limitation, and many Christians (big or little C) also do not find limitation in using proper taxonomy.

Therefore, claiming on one webpage that a homeschool augmentation program is Christian based does not serve as prior warning of the intent to promulgate such non-scientific views in a science-based summer camp.

As such, I find it inappropriate that an authority figure at said science camp would tell my son that humans aren't mammals, rather they're mammal like.

It makes me want to tell my son that said authority figure is not sentient, only sentient-like in their behaviors.
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This kit has a few different names, with different colored plastic, but with essentially the same experiments.

One version is here: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2309318

I rate this 2 of 5 stars for being overly complex and requiring too much set-up time.

The kit comes in several non-resealable plastic bags. There is no storage tray for the pieces. You'll need either a compartmentalized box or lots of resealable bags to store this.

There are many small pieces that are easy to lose.

The instructions for preparation of the kit do not always match the contents. For example, our kit had a sticker for marking a beaker to become a graduated beaker. The beaker was stamped in the plastic already, and the sticker did not match what was built in.

The amount of time required to unpack the kit, set everything up, and get to experiment 1 is substantial.

Many of the pieces are marvels of multi-purpose usefulness, but this makes them more complicated and easier to lose critical pieces.

Because of all of this, I think the kit is more suited towards kids 12+ than the stated age of 10+. This is definitely not the kit to get a smart, younger child.

The cost savings in a kit like this one is offset by the limited usefulness due to complexity, time required, and likelihood of losing pieces.

Also, the kit visually overemphasizes its' chemistry component. Only two chemicals are included, along with blotter, glass pipets, berol pipet, and some vinyl tubing.

In general, I would recommend a smaller, simple, one-discipline kit to save setup time and end up with slightly better equipment (for accuracy and assembly). Those would also be better compartmentalized.

If you need something on a budget, then it would be better to get one of the books that show how to do simple, household experiments. Then, normal measuring cups can be used, a ruler, etc. You'd be surprised at what you can do with what's just lying around the house.
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Lorentz force is roughly similar to gyroscopic precession when discussing particle spin and it's interaction with magnetic fields.

Gravity is the distortion of spacetime due to mass. The easy picture is to think of a 2-D universe. Imagine an oval sheet of lycra. Place a steel ball in the center. The dimple is gravity. It doesn't change the relationship of locations of things, but it does cause things in motion to tend to drift towards eachother due to a change in the distance between the threads of the fabric proportionate to distance from the mass.
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I don't actually know anything. I'm just playing and rambling without actually delving into the math and proofs for any of this.

Some links for fun:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strong_Interaction (Strong/Nuclear/Color Force)
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Dopamine is a reward for CORRECTLY PREDICTING actions, rather than for the actions themselves.

When the input matches the pattern closely, then the pattern is amplified through increased fire rates (euphoria).

Once the pattern is exactly the same as the input, then the fire rate slowly decreases.

When the input does NOT match the pattern, then the fire rates drop to near zero (withdrawal).

Fed back through a similar system is the "What If" game.
This leads to anticipation vs regret (compared to euphoria vs withdrawal).
Addicts basically are desensitized against the regret factor in the what if game.

A prime example is smokers. They can feel the regret of knowing smoking is bad for them, but they cannot translate that into a corrective action because of the knowledge of a stronger regret (aka withdrawal) should they stop smoking.

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The guy multiplies a 5 digit number in his head.

Part of it he stores mentally as cookie and fission.

Carbon Tax

Mar. 24th, 2008 12:38 am
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From Amit Patel (SRE/BRE Author in days of olde)Info on Carbon Tax )http://amitp.blogspot.com/2008/03/setting-carbon-tax.html
From the US inventory Report on greenhouse gasses:7202 Tg of CO2 Equiv emissions in 2006 )http://epa.gov/climatechange/emissions/usinventoryreport.html
According to the above report
Our primary greenhouse gas production is from Fossil Fuel combustion (5639.4Tg out of 7201.9Tg). Of this, the topthree are Electricity Generation (2328.2Tg), Transportation (1850.1Tg) and Industrial (866.1Tg).
More of my notes on this )
What can you do to help
A) Call your power company and switch to a 100% renewable plan. Talk with your office manager and see if they would be willing to do the same.

B) If your Heating/Air conditioning systems are over 20 years old, consider a replacement. Higher SEER ratings are better. Get something 15 or better. If your system is really old, and you have a home warranty, have the system checked for poor cooling during the summer. You may find that the replacement is partially or fully covered.

C) If you or your company are buying or building a new structure, see about having solar power generation included in the build or refit. 100% systems aren't needed. Every little bit helps, especially during the summer.

D) When it's time to get a new vehicle, look into fuel economy. This doesn't always mean hybrid. Some hybrids out there are deplorable efficiency. Think about your needs. Do you need to lug 7000 pounds of vehicle for daily commute? How often do you REALLY need the bigger vehicle? Maybe you could go with a compact car and just rent the van or truck for that week each year you need the space.

E) Plant a tree. http://www.arborday.org can help. Pick something that will survive several years to offset the delivery CO2 cost, or pick up something from a local nursery or tree farm.
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US study has found that drinking more than one soft drink a day, whether regular or diet, may be linked to an increased risk of developing heart disease, via an increase in metabolic syndrome, a group of characteristics like excess girth, high blood pressure, and other factors that increase the chances of getting diabetes and cardiovascular problems.
"We were struck by the fact that it didn't matter whether it was a diet or regular soda that participants consumed, the association with increased risk was present."
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Do you know how sometimes when you wake up, there's a fragment of a dream that happens right in the transition zone?

Sometimes it's a feeling, or a vision, or a sound, etc. It's usually some abandoned fragment which you can't quite place.

For me, this morning, it was a word. It wasn't written, or spoken, but something inbetween.

Monoclonal Antibodies.


I have only tangentally and superficially looked into these, and not very recently if that.




Oct. 28th, 2007 03:11 pm
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This makes me want to retch, but is promising for those susceptible to MRSA wounds:

Congress protects whistleblowers by including ALL of their email addresses to everyone who had submitted a web comment:

Photoblogging all day long to protect himself from the FBI:

Linux on Laptops (compatibility):
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If you could genetically engineer a way to grow human meat, would it be unethical to eat it? What if it were your own flesh?
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1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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Square, bulgy, rounded cornders, rumples on his skin.
He just sort of floats around.
One arm on his head to grab food and chemicals.
If there's too much around him, then more arms come out of his mouth.
Once he gets them in his mouth, he mixes them with other chemicals to break them down and turn them into other chemicals.
Once it doesn't taste very good anymore, he rinsed it into his body and turns it into more energy.
Other germs can connect to him and he has an energy pump that they can get energy from.
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So, my work cell battery is wearing out.
It seems slightly bulged in the middle.
When it's fully charged, and I open the slide, push buttons,
the power bar drops 1-2 bars.

Whenever I talk on it, it beeps at me in the "I'm running out of power" tone.

It has to be recharged every day or day and a half. Usage chews up the battery faster.

So, I tried to see if the extended service would cover it. Nope, doesn't cover batteries.
So he asked if I wanted to go ahead and get one, I said yes.
Bleh $61 or so after tax.

So I go about my day.

Aftermarket batteries are $12 to $26, with options of 1000mAh, 1200, 1400 and possibly 1700 (comes with a new back cover).

I feel like I've been ripped. Damned retail store.

Anyway, one of the sites I pulled up was LGChem, as in, you know, the chemical division of the company that made my MM-535.

One thing that seemed interesting.
Thickness, 5.8mm (at fully charged state)
Yes, the batter is thicker when charged.

So, I've decided that I want a capacitor or battery that will store one kilogram of electrons. I've always wanted such a thing. I was always pissed off that they said an electron is 1/1836th of the mass of of a Proton, but "we ignore its mass in when working with the atomic mass of atoms."

Well, that's all fine and dandy when you'te talking about ONE atom, but wtf don't you include it when you're dealing with molar quantities? I know, I know. Molar quantities of atoms take into account a neutral electron state, but still. 1836 moles of electrons would weigh a gram!

Unfortunately, that would be 177147 farads. As an example, an average bolt of lightning is about 15 farads, and the little can capacitors inside your electronics are between a picofarad and 3700 microfarads, though you can buy can capacitors the size of your arm to store 1-2 farads for car stereos, or for lower voltages, you can get an aerogel capacitor up to 50 farads in a pretty small package.this is 3542 capacitors in parallel, each about 1" diameter, 1/2 inch tall. So, about 148 feet of capacitor tube.


May. 30th, 2006 11:06 am
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from http://www.nineplanets.org
The tiny amount of carbon dioxide resident in the atmosphere at any time is extremely important to the maintenance of the Earth's surface temperature via the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect raises the average surface temperature about 35 degrees C above what it would otherwise be (from a frigid -21 C to a comfortable +14 C); without it the oceans would freeze and life as we know it would be impossible.
The interaction of the Earth and the Moon slows the Earth's rotation by about 2 milliseconds per century. Current research indicates that about 900 million years ago there were 481 18-hour days in a year.

geeky fun

Apr. 26th, 2006 02:43 pm
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This seems familiar: http://lablit.com/article/86
Though the semantics are usually different, but I can recall a few times explaining geek things in layman's terms and having people actually be interested. Usually not, but it happens.

This is a free neural net library:


Apr. 25th, 2006 03:40 pm
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A quote from The New Atlantis
Carl Zimmer — whose enjoyable book Soul Made Flesh tells the story of Willis and the age of intellectual ferment and social turmoil in which he lived—details Willis’s understanding of the body’s nerves:
When Willis and his friends looked at them through a microscope they saw solid cords with small pores, like sugar cane. Reaching back to his earliest days of alchemy, Willis found a new way to account for how this sort of nerve could make a body move. He envisioned a nervous juice flowing through the nerves and animal spirits riding it like ripples of light. The spirits did not move muscles by brute force but rather carried commands from the brain to the muscles, which responded with a miniscule explosion. Each explosion, Willis imagined, made a muscle inflate.
The New Atlantis article goes on to talk about neurology and neuroelectronics.


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