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Pages 1-61 of Flickr were set to not private for anything not obviously identifying.

I don't think I care about 62-202. That will stay mostly contacts-only.
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This will migrate photos, sets, tags, descriptions, etc between multiple photo sharing sites.

Can be used to back-up your photos too.
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May 11, 2008 - Double-Stack Mushroom May 13, 2008 - Erica's Ironing Accident May 14, 2008 - Erica as Princess Peach May 15 - Wal-Mart's questionable Foliage May 15 - Smart ForTwo Passion Coup in Lake Dallas May 15 - Khai has Blue Lips on his 5th birthday


Mar. 25th, 2008 07:32 pm
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Found on myspace, and then found on a forum in higher res, and aparently it came from collegehumor but I can't find it hardly anywhere.

Anyway, it really represents my mind. Very little focus.

For Eiwe

Mar. 4th, 2008 05:17 am
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For Eiwe
For Eiwe,
originally uploaded by xaminmo.
Ugliest face ever (me). Posted to FlickR on 31 Oct 07, 6.43PM CST.

He finally saw this 4 days ago. He was impressed. I'm actually giddy that he was impressed. He has this ability to contort his face into amazing creations.

I could also use this picture to scare people away. :)
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Pendulum in Dallas.
Pendulum in Dallas.,
originally uploaded by xaminmo.
Pendulum in Dallas. The outer, black rim of the dias is waist-high railing. There's a 6am marker. The sphere is probably 12" solid brass.
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24k Sunset: P1020264
24k Sunset: P1020264,
originally uploaded by xaminmo.
Feb 20, 2008 Sunset at 24000ft.

24k Sunset: P1020463
24k Sunset: P1020463,
originally uploaded by xaminmo.
Clouds over McKinney
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Kitchen nearing completion
Kitchen nearing completion
Uploaded by xaminmo on 9 Aug 07, 5.25PM CST. This is the kitchen shortly before the major stuff was done. Cherry wood, honey-spice stain/seal, "Lynchburg Mission" style (square pegs in the corners of the M&T joined faces). 16" 'Rialto Beige" ceramic tile. Kitchen by Lowes, handles by Ikea.

We still need to smooth the walls, ceiling, repair around the vent, replace the oversink light, put up crown and baseboards, and paint.

The paint looks like pepto. Something went wrong.

Anyway, this is just before I finished the sink plumbing.

Here's the over-table light:
New Kitchen Light
New Kitchen Light.

I need to take a NEW picture to show our new dining table and chairs.
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Mike's First Drink!
Mike's First Drink!,
originally uploaded by xaminmo.
Later, he went on to become "fuzzy" and allow a yellow ribbon from the "Crown XR" box to be tied into his hair.

His drink in this photo is world-class Mike's Chocolate Martini.
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Flickr Page
More than a mouthful.

Though, my 4g memory stick was originally called the "Memina Pocket Rocket"...

Web tools

Nov. 29th, 2007 08:24 pm
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So, I used the face transformer tool a while back to create a composite woman face out of 20+ facially attractive porn models.

Today, I used http://vectormagic.stanford.edu to create an SVG and EPS of said composite image.

See it at http://vectormagic.stanford.edu/vctr/vctr_flex?g=511539&k=ggwUcIZZsSxEFnx7&p=g


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