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I'm at DFW A33 waiting for flt 1472 to ATL.

I will be staying and working right by PDK, and I had a brief moment this am where I wanted to bring my med cert and logbook and fly the DA42 there.

However, without study, checklists, kneeboard, and sump cup- it would be difficult enough. Throw in tight sched, night noise abatement over Chamblee, needing to get charts and headset for loan, and the fact I would be abused severely for the expense, I decided against taking the docs.

But I want to flyyyyyyyy.

Anyway, I will be having supper with some friends tonight, so that will be pretty cool. They're moving soon and we're a bit out of touch, so it should be good to get in person sync-up.

Ps palm LJ is being a beesh.
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"Everything's so fucking green!
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"I woke up at...." *looks*

"Well, I don't know becausl last time I looked, it was 28 minutes later than now."

also, it is very nice out this morning. Not burning death like normal.
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Low level wind shear +/-25kts
wind variable from 250 to 350 degrees, 18 knots gusting to 25.
Storms to the north. Expect heavy rain and hail in gainesville
storms moving southeast.

/me is giddy with hope for rain tonight.
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Blue fuselage. Yellow control surfaces. 50mph. Says US ARMY (i think) on the under side of the wings. Doing patterns and approaches at 30F. Beautiful plane.
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I am soooo tired. I am glad to be heading home. My travel companion is martinals nanny. We're not seated near eachother which is mixed.

We were having a good conversation, but I will be happy to be around strangers so I don't feel guilty ignoring them through the power of nap.
fasten seatbelt while seated.

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I was recompressing prepacked aix mksysb files this morning, and was getting about a 3:2 ratio. that's pretty good, so I thought it looks like just huffman encoding. Searching, and lo! Behold! It is documented currently and it is indeed Huffman.

That's convenient because it shouldn't kill dedupe too badly. Though, i'd love to see a dedupe engine with enough power to recognize and look inside huffman and limpel-ziv.

This was cool because my guess was right on something geeky.

This realization is extra cool because, try as I might, I couldn't get to sleep before about 2:25am and was up just after 6am for work. I am SLEE-PEE though maybe I am just Sleestak.

I am actually running late but blue warrior needs food.
09 morning y'all

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I am Dug. Although I have just met you, I love you.
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We removed all of his fence sections, a few posts and a tree. Things picked up after the sun moved below the trees. Kara showed up and helped move the side fence sections to the stack.

Now, we have mojitos with a variety of rum flavors. Nomnomnom
mojito mike

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When your 20 year old freezer has ice on the back wall but is 65 degrees farenheit air temp, you have waited too long to defrost it.

Note to self, upon replacement, get a freezer that has an automatic defrost cycle.
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A spare power supply was found at work. New, 400w. My backup server is alive!!!!

But, the new system I bought has already shipped.

Anyone need a computer?

2g ram
pentium D 3Ghz
usb 2
sata 2
beige tower

needs drive. May need video but I may have a generic card if needed.

Will be new in box.
should arrive wednesday.

Total I paid including shipping was $161.

Asking $120 obo
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Ah, no wonder it was only good for two days... I accidentally turned on autosync "as they arrive". This was every minute or so doing network traffic.


Jun. 7th, 2009 07:13 am
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note to self. If plane is same, cry.
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Blue water leaked out of some leftover area on tow to the gate. Plane taken out of service. Flight not cancelled yet.

rebooked on the new same flight number at 645pm though waiting a bit still.


Jun. 6th, 2009 07:27 am
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A turtle was recently attacked by a swarm of snails.

When asked by authorities about what happenned, the turtle said, "I dunno. It all happenned so fast."


Jun. 4th, 2009 06:36 pm
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The most cost effective way to get your Private Pilot license:
Acquire this:
* Get the faa pdf books (Airplane Flying, Instrument, weather, etc)
* FAR/AIM in hardcopy.
* PTS (practical test standards) hardcopy.
* PIM or AFM for the type of plane in which you will train.
* King private pilot knowledge test study course or similar.
* Illustrated or graphic "Maneuvers Guide"

Find a CFI at the local flying club or an older guy with his own plane. His rates may be $25/hour. Flight schools will be $40-$45/hour

Ground study 2 hrs per 20h study can help (200-400 hours total):
* Work through knowledge test course completely.
* Read as much in the aim as you can.
* Skim through part 61, 67, and 91 of the FARs.
* Memorize tomatoflamesfa (required equip for day vfr)
* Memorize grabcard (required for instrument)
* Read the plane guide cover to cover.
* Work the weight&balance and the runway distance examples several times.
* Memorize the V speeds.
* Memorize how each of the systems in your plane works.
* Use X-Plane of Flight Sim to learn the instrument panel.

Find a good flight school with well maintained planes. This will be around $125/hour hobbs.

Once you can pass the knowledge test practice exam repeatedly:
* Pass the knowledge test for reals!
* Get a class 3 medical or better.
* Begin practice in a real plane.

Extra practice can be had in same type of plane for $85/hr tach through flying clubs or non-school CFIs.

DO NOT CHANGE AIRPLANE MODELS! You may think this will make you more proficient, but it will slow you down and cost you more money. Wait until you have 100 hours before you muddle it with any other plane types. Planes by the same manufacturer will have similar equipment.

Learn on old avionics first. It's simpler to get your license.

When you go for insturment, learn on as many types as possible. ADB is evil and hard. You really have to know and feel the wind to make it work. VOR is a necessity. Try a CDI, HSI, EHSI, and glass panel for this. GPS or LORAN are last. Try a non-graphical one first. Learn to use it with the CDI. Then move a graphical one, like a 7" garmin or bendix/king with the magenta line. Learn to program this. Learn to, in flight, pull up nearest airports, waypoints, frequencies. Practice flight following. Practice flying the plane all the way with the autopilot. Then move to glass. Learn all the same in glass. Once done, get your instrument rating in a plane with whatever avionics you're most comfortable with at that time.

Then go for high performance endorsement (re-checkout in a faster plane), and complex endorsement (retractable gear, adjustable prop, and flaps).

If you're a glutton for punishment, get your tailwheel endorsement. It'll make you better with wind correction and rudder control.

Beyond that, it's commercial, which is same as private, but memorizing more of the knowledge, and tighter tolerances on the maneuvers, plus some new maneuvers to show rudder mastery.
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This was a very good screen rendition.
Read more... )
PS, the fracking LJ palm app escapes lj-cut tags. Sorry if you caught this in the 3 mins it was not properly cut.
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But, overall, it's an ok addition to the franchise, even if Chekov has no accent in this movie.
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The flight lands 30 mins after the tower closes. Wacky for a carrier. They tapper ctaf to drop rwy light to low brightness. Pic was sort of ham fisted with the throttles and plunked it on the rwy due to being a littlehigh.
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Wtf. Holy shit.


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