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So, dreamwidth was a fork by some LJ developers back in 2008.

They can import LJ, and I've done so at http://xaminmo.dreamwidth.org

I do not know what I think yet. Too early. They are limited in some ways.
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I've had a rename token for years, and finally cashed it in.
jdsdavis was not free (squatter), but joshdavis was.

So, going to generic.livejournal.com, or xaminmo@livejournal.com, now goes to joshdavis.livejournal.com.

In theory, all of my friends, and posts, should be here. Just a rename, not a move.

I'm getting old. :p
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On 2012-01-15, I tried to move just under half (5/11ths) of my HSA balance into the HSA investment account. When I submitted the change, I got this:

"com.ibm.websphere.sca.ServiceRuntimeException: CWSXM0201E: Exception returned by mediation flow for component HSAInvestment_Mediation in module LOBSB_HSAInvestment_v2 CWSXM3713E: The fail terminal on Service Invoke primitive SI_Email in operation sendInvestmentBuyTxn in mediation component HSAInvestment_Mediation in module LOBSB_HSAInvestment_V2 was fired but the terminal is unwired: caused by: com.ibm.ws.sibx.mediation.esb.SIBXFireFailTerminalException: CWSXM3713E: The fail terminal on Service Invoke primitive SI_Email in operation sendInvestmentBuyTxn in mediation component HSAInvestment_Mediation in module LOBSB_HSAInvestment_v2 was fired but the terminal is unwired."

I then checked, and I saw that it pulled the transaction twice, totaling 10/11ths of my balance. Since it was after 3pm, it was listed as a 2012-01-16 transaction. I called, and after much discussion with supervisors, etc, the phone rep indicated that we would have to wait until it settled, then I could issue a sell transaction.

I though I would just leave it, but with the kids' Dr visits today, we plowed through the remaining 1/11th (since when did amoxicillin syrup cost $65/bottle, and since when did kids need three bottles each? Plus the Dr's visit, which was $160 each, plus a dental checkup unrelated.)

So anyway, I went to look, thinking I would pull the other half back, and LO! It never showed up. I have the one chunk there, and no other pending transactions. The other chunk just disappeared entirely.

I should have known it was something bad, considering the websphere error mentioned FAILING TO SEND AN EMAIL!!!!

WHAT?!?! Transfers should not be e-fracking-mails.

Anyway, I called back in today, explained, gave the ref number, and it's being escalated to a supervisor with 3-5 day turnaround time.

In the meantime, I'm glad I pulled extra from savings. *sigh*
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Not only is my short term memory horrible, but so is my short-term memory.
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The ipad app changed itself to automatically upload my photos during the last update.
This is theft of data.

Luckily I noticed on my ipad (nothing important) rather than my iphone (lots of stuff).

I'm trying to decide whether this is big enough to go through the effort to fully divest myself of Google.
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Political Compass 2013-01-20 JDSD

The scale is -10 to +10, and I'm I'm economically -3.75 (left vs right), and socially 3.28 (liberal vs authoritarian).

That means I lean towards:
* regional vs government control
* voluntary vs mandatory controls
* collectivism vs libertarianism

Info on privacy: http://www.politicalcompass.org/
The test: http://www.politicalcompass.org/test
Explanations: http://www.politicalcompass.org/analysis2

Seat Pitch

Jan. 8th, 2013 01:17 pm
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Wondering about fitting into various airplanes, and how "seat pitch" plays in.

So, I took a straight edge along my backside, and measured from there to the tip of my knee...


Seat Pitch on a plane measures between the same places in seats, so back to back, not "the free space between seats."

On the back part of an AA MD80, the seat pitch is 31", and the seat is just about 5" thick.

In other words, I'm mashing myself into those seats.


But really, I was measuring this to see what sorts of GA planes I could fit into.

Seat Height: My lower leg needs 25" to clear the yoke,
Leg Room: My upper leg needs 27" to clear the panel or seat in front of me.
Seat Pitch: 27" plus the thickness of the seat.
Seat Width: 19" if my pockets are empty.
Headroom: My torso needs 39" from the seat to the top of the cabin.

Obviously, some angles can be factored in here, but if my lower legs have to bend back, then it limits my ability to operate the rudder.
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My new year's resolution is not very ambitious...

Just 640x480...

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244.8 LBs

Sep. 18th, 2012 02:27 pm
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Down to 244.8 LBS from 293LBS on Sept 29, 2011, or 320LBS at my peak. Counting calories, baby.

244.8 LBs
244.8 LBs,
originally uploaded by xaminmo.

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I haven't given up, but I'm fighting myself substantially.
I've been stuck at 250 pounds for a couple of months.

I'm not failing to burn the calories,
I'm failing to follow the plan.
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Best for me:
* Glide brand floss, EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BRUSHING - Helps gum sensitivity.
* Manual toothbrush - Sonic didn't help gums.
* Arm and Hammer Toothpaste - Average 1mm gum line improvement at every tooth.
* Ignore any whitening claims - None of them work.

Whitening products don't help me:
* My teeth are slightly translucent, and slightly yellow.
* I tried home trays, strips, whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash.
* None of these had any measurable change in my enamel color.

Sonic Toothbrush doesn't benefit me:
* A year of use, and I had a piece chip off near a fissure.
* I had a further 1mm gum recession while using
* Switching back to manual coincided with 1mm improvement + shorter pro cleaning.

Flossing matters a lot.
* Gum sensitivity, bleeding and redness all went away after a year of daily flossing.
* Flossing only 50% of the time is no different than only flossing for popcorn.
* Flossing 99% of the time makes a big difference.

Mouthwash doesn't seem to make a difference:
* Restoring mouthwash (high fluoride content) doesn't help tiny cracks
* High fluoride mouthwash coincided with extra tartar
* Most have too much saccharine, which tastes sweet and odd in the morning.

Toothpaste brand makes a huge difference:
* Rembrandt toothpaste left a lot of plaque, tartar, etc for the hygienist.
* Rembrandt had quality control issues and poor shelf life
* Crest didn't feel clean after.
* Crest left an odd, sweet flavor in the morning.
* Arm & Hammer feels clean and scrubby.
* Arm & Hammer coincides with 1mm improved gum line.
* Arm & Hammer improvement even after missing 20% of morning brushes for the month leading up to cleaning.
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I just paid $83 for a Beams brand, End Release, Grey, 3-point seatbelt with 12" buckle, 140" webbing, and grey shoulder hook and retractor cover. - Here

I could have gotten similar, black with grey webbing, and a side release, or a chrome flip buckle for $60. Here

I could have gotten the same thing, with all black and black webbing, and a cable buckle tether vs webbed buckle for $85 for a set of two. - Here

I only need one, and I wanted it to pretty closely match what's already in the car. If I needed 2, I'd have been hard pressed not to get the black matching set, and I'd probably have gotten the matching belts for the back seat too.
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"I never waste memory on things that can easily be stored and retrieved from elsewhere." -- Albert Einstein

This sums up my brain... You know, except for the 20point IQ spread, but whatever... Hey, I'm lazy and older. I'm probably less intelligent now anyway, right?
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I love when I go to look for something on the web, and I find a perfect, clear answer.... and then I see the author is me.
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Various issues I've run into and resolved.
Cut/paste out of a doc I'm working on, so the formattng isn't HTML/LJ pretty.
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From: http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks3/ict/multiple_int/

My Result Code is: n2ccb796697w

As compared to the average US male 19 or older:

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* Goodbye Windows 7 64-bit
* Windows 2003 won't install on my laptop
* Windows 2008 eats as much memory as Windows 7
* XP + Lenovo = 3G limit, which I'll begrudgingly take
* 320G Laptop drive DOES work - it's my carrier's power bus wearing out.
* I've set my keyboard to give me ñ and others easily, but it eats spaces after " characters. :(

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Nov. 12th, 2009 09:25 am
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No one really cares. This is more for me.
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"At a very early age you will learn that life requires hard work and ceaseless activity if you want to get ahead.

You respect those in authority even when you feel they are giving you a hard time. Only if you have very negative experiences with authority while you are young you will be negative about it when you are older.

No matter what career you choose, you will be a teacher and a guide for others.

As you work to get ahead in life, however, be very careful not to neglect your friendships and other relationships. Unless you foster them, you could be very lonely later on in life."


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