Aug. 8th, 2014 07:38 am
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Max and Khai decided an XBox-360 was in order. Lots of cheap games. A new 360E was the best option, so Max went that route. He put in $155 (vs $94+SH + Accessories for used, or $156 for refurb). Khai put in $20. I put in $5, plus bought a 320GB drive ($45). No Kinect. Halo 3 was bought for $6 by Max. Our DVD player has gone stale since we set up a media PC, so the XB360 will take over that HDMI port.

Too soon!

Sep. 16th, 2013 01:57 am
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Me: Would you like to be tucked in?

Max: No thank you.

Me: ;(
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The Adventures of Maple (unabridged)
by Max Davis

"It's going to be a loooong week," I sighed. I had no idea I was about to have the adventure of my life.

"Yes, it will be, but don't worry Maple. You'll probably make some friends," assured my mom, and the tree I grew on, Mother Maple.
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"I was in a beach place, and the water level was very low. There was a tower with sponges on top. There was a newspaper article on the wall, and it said 'WHAT'S UP WITH THE POLICE!?!?' On top of the tower, two police [officers] were jumping up and down on the sponges. The only thing the newspaper article said is 'The police don't like sponges.'"

Hehe. I like this.
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Notes I took of things Max has said:

2006: "You might watch out for this."

2008: Mineral Ship: 10,000 feet tall and 2500 feet wide, bombs, missiles, smoke blaster, electricity, lasers


Jun. 23rd, 2008 01:43 pm
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Feb. 21st, 2008 11:09 am
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"Khai, sometimes we just have to be happy with what we've got."

-Max, on scrambled vs fried eggs


Oct. 16th, 2007 11:20 pm
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Day was slow overall at work.
I updated my SSH keys on roughly 150 servers.
Some new; some with new host keys; though 2 were down.

I saw "Golden Age" aka "Elizabeth, Part II".
Good movie. Cate is beautiful as always.
Movie *did* seem a little rushed.

While walking back from the movie,
I jogged three steps and something popped in my calf.
Suddenly, walking was painful (8pm)

Hospital visit indicates I have a small tear in my gastrocnemius.
Stay active, don't force it, and it will hurt for 2 weeks.
Come back if it swells, hurts more (5-6 now), or discolors.
Naproxen and ice as necessary.
More Info 1 / More Info 2

Hosp gave me 800mg ibuprofen, and I have naproxen with me.
No ice in the hotel, so I ACE-wrapped a cold water bottle.
I should have taken a picture.
I looked awesome.

This complicates daily travel to customer office.
So, back to the hotel by 10pm.
Updated coworker and sync'd with wifey.

Khai has once again asked when I'd fix his computer.
Really, it's a poor design and there's no fix.
Athlon desktop processor inside HP laptop chassis = overheat.

So, I ordered a mini-desktop for the kids.
WITH screen (15" LCD) it's still half the cost of a laptop.
I have some DIMMs from the brother-in-law to upgrade its memory.
Details in subpost

Max has been Gluten Free for several days now.
He's also been taking herbal ADD drops just before school and bball.
Today, his teacher mentioned how quickly he completed his works,
and how little fussing he showed. yAy!

I finished supper. Spinach, the spikey, non-leafy endives, grilled onions and peppers, grilled steak bits, and a vinegrette dressing as the entree, and a small slice of cheesecake which I did not need and probably will make me feel like crap.

Stairstepped paragraphs here. I am 3r337!
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According to Max, we can ALSO be called the Super F N Team.

You know, sounds like Super Effin Team.
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Max tends to help people, listen, talk, and overall be very socially motivated.

He also likes Age of Empires and World of Warcraft.

In AoE, he started the game, but was urged to play outside.

So he says, "I will leave my game going so my people can keep working."

"So you're going to go play while they work?"

"Yah! I need 500 stone and they will keep working for me."

I told Erica he'd be an excelleng corporate executive, though in retrospect, maybe a government official too. Go play while the people work, then come back when you have the resources to complete your personal goals...

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Square, bulgy, rounded cornders, rumples on his skin.
He just sort of floats around.
One arm on his head to grab food and chemicals.
If there's too much around him, then more arms come out of his mouth.
Once he gets them in his mouth, he mixes them with other chemicals to break them down and turn them into other chemicals.
Once it doesn't taste very good anymore, he rinsed it into his body and turns it into more energy.
Other germs can connect to him and he has an energy pump that they can get energy from.
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Max had his inguinal hernia surgery today.

Too early in the morning, and not enough food, for all.

Max is doing well. Complete success

His incision is about 3cm and has a line of purple (iodine color, not betadine color) on the incision itself, with a clear bubble of incision glue over it.

He can take a bath tomorrow night.

He's still not got full strength back in his legs (epidural), but hasn't yet begun to really feel the hurt of his hernia surgery.

He's still not tolerating food, but handles water fine.

He's mobile, but forgets his leg don't fully work, so he's on the floor with Gram doing markers. :)
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Max: That's just the way it is.
Khai: No it's not.
Max: Yes it is.
Khai: *smirk* No it's not, and I know everything!
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Today, before heading to Sprouts, Max commanded Erica to pick up a loaf of meat.
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A Limo is the king of cars; A van is the prince of cars.
The shortest of the longesters
Grow a new Earth.
The mooney head flies up into space and goes to different planets.
Family is on the moon.
He's far away in space.
Can't wake him up.
He likes to sleep.
He wakes in the morning, then the moon is not in space.
The sun is out and the sunny head is in the sun.
He doesn't like to wake. He sleeps all day.
And the mommy and daddy sleep all day.
Moony and moony mom and dad sleep all day too.
When awake at sunny night, they stay up and be upside down.
The moony head family puts tape on their feet and up to the ceiling, then to the roof.
And wow, they can see sunny head.
Then they zoom around and into the door of sunny head.
Max: Here's some popcorn for you.
Me: No thank you. Mommy and daddy ate an entire bucket.
Max: What is a tiger bucket?
Max sticks his butt up in the air and said "MUFF!"
We looked at eachother and I declared the same.
Then khai said "MUFF!"

Khai Knock Knock
Josh: Who's there?
K: Bana.
J: Banana who?
K: Bana doe knock door! (translated: Banana doesn't knock on the door)
K: ding dong!
K: good night!


May. 27th, 2006 06:20 pm
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Max and Khai can be such terrors demanding and screaming and crying over snack vs supper.

Khai is testing undies vs pull-up, but he SO doesn't like to be *told* that he'll have to use the potty or be changed.

So, Max makes a line of letter magnets from the kitchen to the bathroom.
He sings "Lets have a potty parade!" over and over and gets Khai to try the potty.

"Mommy, Khai wants you to read a book to him."

"I can't make a snack *and* read a book at the same time, which is why I didn't want you to tell him I'd read a book to him."

So Max is in there reading a book to Khai while Khai tries to pee on command without getting too bored to stay there.

He's reading fast too.
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Max was playing with the guitar and when Erica asked him to sing her a song, he made this up on the spot:
...boys and a hunter's song in the woods with all the animals and all the trees look like they...
and some of the trees look they will eat you because of holes in them
and some of the branches coming off of them look like arms
sometimes they look like a person
sometimes people put big x's for marks the spot
they have hidden treasures from faraway lands
and then all of a sudden sometimes you realize it's your dream
but maybe you have really been there and all of those things
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"And this one is called the silly eyed fuckamajig!"


Feb. 26th, 2006 06:27 pm
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[ profile] caelonmax: "I accidentally forgot to not lick the stove."


Dec. 9th, 2005 02:14 pm
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Max is playing Ye Ar Kung Fu on the GBA.
He beat the first guy all by himself.
*beams with pride*


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