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Frontier Communications cutover experiences (from Verizon) so far.

General feeling:
It seems like trying to add 3 states all in the same month might be a bad idea. People in my neighborhood have had some unbundling issues, support issues, verbal communication issues (new helpdesk). People are switching service even.

The good things:
* No interruption to my service yet.
* All of my bundling and discounts are still there.
* Helpdesk through online chat has been polite.
* Made of bits of GTE, US West, Rochester Telephone, etc.
* Online system shows my payment history from pre-Frontier too.
* Webpage is fairly simple and straightforward.

The not as good things:
* Had to wait for my paper bill before I could sign up online.
* My temporary FiOS cable is still not buried (almost 2 months).
* First bill was later than they said it would be (3 weeks from billing date).
* CPNI Opt-Out form cannot find my number in the system, and later gave an "Internal Server Error".
* An extra $9.13 charge on my first bill that cannot be removed because of midday system updates.
* No ability to follow up or send to managerial review from their side if they cannot resolve issues.
* Voicemail, Email, and TV spots telling me in a flat voice how excited they are. (This is not what excited means. Maybe another adjective would come across better.)
* The bill says "PIN Number" (pedantic annoyance, not a real problem).
* Ties to Asia Netcom (China Netcom) (Source of about 400 brute force attacks per day to my house).


Network Lag

Nov. 5th, 2013 07:34 pm
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Facebook AND Amazon both are suffering major lag and timeouts for me.
It's not at my house, because I can get some places quickly.

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The ipad app changed itself to automatically upload my photos during the last update.
This is theft of data.

Luckily I noticed on my ipad (nothing important) rather than my iphone (lots of stuff).

I'm trying to decide whether this is big enough to go through the effort to fully divest myself of Google.
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http://geni.com - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* great interface, and good features
* Collaboration is easy.
* Older trees' default privacy was too open.
* Merging trees may change ownership.
* Trial is full featured
* Yearly cost is non-trivial.

* Huge amounts of support
* Great archives, horrible indexes
* Extremely limited for non-paid
* Monthly costs
* Manual work for merging trees, connecting references, etc.

* Moderately decent searching
* Poor substantiation, references, etc.
* Great for well established trees
* No longer supports GEDCOM
* Shared tree is public

http://findmypast.co.uk - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* UK based ancestry information
* Extensive indexing of scanned resources

http://webtrees.net/ - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* PhpGedView, reworked, using MySQL only
* Runs on your own server

PC Programs:
* Syncs from major websites to many PC apps
* Ancestry.com, geni.com, familysearch.com, etc
* AQ, PAF, FTM, etc.
* Free download - semi-beta
* Copies media files as well as chart data
* Windows and OSX support

Relatives: http://www.genealogysoft.com
* Fast, but had major defects in 1.0. Need to review v2.1

RootsMagic: http://www.rootsmagic.com
* Minor issues in v4, but had pulled ahead of most everyone else

Personal Ancestry File: https://familysearch.org/products/
* De facto standard for compatibility and function.
* Not updated in over a decade
* Still better than most editors out there

Ancestral Quest: http://www.ancquest.com
* The maker of the last 2 versions of PAF
* Some enhancements over PAF
* Great compatibility
* Still somewhat dated
* Trial/Essential version replaces PAF, still free
* Trial version is annoyware.

Family Tree Maker:
* Horrible compatibility, but some good non-standard features.
* Listed here only because it's popular
* Not going to use this, or any of the others.

Good reviews:
* Some tools not reviewed in 5 years, and new versions need to be checked.
* Great performance and compatibility tests
* Rambly, so spend some time
* Some of the best reference on Gene tools anywhere.
* Best of: http://www.tamurajones.net/GeneAwards2010.xhtml

* Additional processing for SNP dumps
* Freely downloadable python tools for parsing dumps
* This is for people not worried about genetic privacy
* Lots of open-source genotyping development

* Genotyping with community, reports, updates, etc
* Moderately prices
* Not a complete gene map
* Offers dumps of your data if you like
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DreamHost gave me some invite promo codes (for being a long time customer).
You can use this for $15 off one year, or $100 off 2 years.
Each code is only good once, so let me know if you use one:

I also have the infinite use ones:
XAMINMO1 - discount of $50 off of a 1-year ($120) or better signup
XAMINMO97 - discount of $97 off of a 1-year ($120) or better signup
Either gives you $51 off of signup+1-month ($61 base due to non-waived sign-up fee)

If you commit fraud or do something illegal with any of these codes, they kick my butt, so be nice please.
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Online ordering, where I AM WILLING TO PAY YOU MONEY, should NEVER be in browser specific code. A CHECKBOX should not be so enshrouded with browser specific javascript that it simply disappears on other browsers.

Also, if you have a website that is so fanfangled that you can only work on a tablet system by installing a special application, then you application damned well better work.

Really, your webpages should WORK IN LYNX, and anything else pretty should be optional.

But, you know, it's more important to look pretty than to actually do business that pays for all that prettiness.


Dec. 12th, 2010 01:35 pm
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Anyone here have to reset their ONT periodically?

Power cycled my router, no change. Factory default, no change. Power cycle ONT, comes back.

Seems to be a recurring issue for me, but I'm also on MOCA using 20 year old coax with splitters and barrels because the installer didn't want to run CAT5 between two attics.

(I was down from between 04:01am and 04:31am and had 13 down notices (6.5 hours)
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I'm thinking of letting webgravy.net lapse. Do you want it?

If so, let me know how to get ahold of you so we can coordinate transfer.
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Dynamic IP customers cannot relay through outbound.verizon.net for their own domains.

Also, Verizon's dynamic IP blocks are registered with Spamhaus RBL by Verizon as nonunblockable.

Frackers. Anyway, since I'm already using dyndns.org (.com) for omnitech.is-a-geek.net, it only seemed natural to go ahead and use them for relay. It's $20/yr for way more messages and megabytes of relay per day than I'll generate from my DMZ server.


PS, it worked, first try, easy peasy, with TLS.
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So, American has a wifi to satellite internet bridge on this flight. $10 for a 2 hour flight.

258ms latency
850kb/sec peak
674kb/sec average
58kb/sec upload
SSH is usable, and web is fine.
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OK. I absolutely require being able to open multiple tabs for different messages.
ramble )
Anyway, all of this boils down to, does anyone have recommendations for non-spammy webmail+ provider that allows multiple tabs to be openned?

Web Videos

Feb. 25th, 2009 08:15 am
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WTF is up with all of these "guaranteed to play a commercial before the video" players with just keep replaying the commercial advertisement without ever playing the content video?

It's not just my laptop, and not just firefox either.


Dec. 31st, 2008 08:49 pm
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7pm-ish is the peak bizzy time for home internet users.

This always amazes me when I have lackluster thruput,
and then an hour or two later, it's magically much faster.

Like, 1760mbit becomes 5567mbit.
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Our line has been dropping multiple times per day. It's been getting progressively worse.

At the end of February, I ordered a Cisco DSL router. I couldn't get it to sync up at all, and it's SOO complicated, so it's still sitting, half configured, powered off.

We're still running off of the WesTel 610014 router.

Since then, it's gotten to where it reboots several times a week.

In the last week, it's gotten to where it doesn't reboot, but the loop drops, resets, and reconnects several times per day.

Today, I emailed support@centurytel.net, fairly upset, but I tried to provide helpful info:[SNIP] )

I also included the log from the DSL router.

The response I got back was from Christine, but there was no identifying info. I got a call back from Shane, whom I've talked to before. The email said, effectively, "we have no record of you ever having called support, so give us a call if you want to discuss this issue."

The actual email text is here [SNIP] )

Of course, I was fuming. No attempt to assist at all. So my reply was [SNIP] )

Beyond fuming.

So Shane calls me. He's pretty incredulous that I would "basically say CenturyTel sucks". He says they have records back to 2002 and I've never called support. I listed off a couple of instances where static is gone, an instance with 5 days outage), etc. Since I'd had a tech check the lines, and swap the modem, Shane asked if maybe I'd been dealing directly with the CO and not through support. I gave him the support, business, and cust service phone #'s I have on record. None were local.

Nonplussed, but the info seems to make sense. "We did have a system upgrade a while back, so it's possible the records could have been lost. He calms enough to get on with gathering enough info that he can dispatch a ticket. An engineer should be out tomorrow morning between 9 and 11. He'll follow up with me sometime on Monday to see how things are going.

Anyway. Before Shane called me, I called Charter Business and Kevin should be sending me sign-up and number portability forms via email within the next hour. I'd considered moving several times, but
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http://www.amazon.com tells me one of the following messages:

We're sorry!
An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we're already working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly.

If you were trying to make a purchase, please check Your Account to confirm that the order was placed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

[continue shopping] on the Amazon.com home page

Going to account page or shopping give the same error.

Clicking on the Amazon logo showed me:

Http/1.1 Service Unavailable
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All versions of Netscape Browser are end of life/support as of March 1. http://blog.netscape.com

They are recommending people migrate to Flock. http://flock.com/features

Hrm. Anyone have any experience with this browser?
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"Her name is Ana and she will ban you, ban you so hard."

Cisco router emulator that runs unmodified IOS: http://dynagen.org/tutorial.htm

Windows Server is the new king of Downtime

Yankee Group 2007/2008 Server Reliability


Feb. 4th, 2008 06:16 pm
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I forget that CAT-6 cable is not compatible with 10-Half hubs.

I also didn't realize that my retracto-cord from IBM was CAT-6 and not CAT-5.

Sorry iBahn and Marriott staff.
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I also think that reliable internet connectivity is an absolute requirement for any hotel, cellular service provider, line-based phone provider, etc.

This whole, drops ssh connections to any hose if I send more than 2-3k of data total is crap (Lafayette),
as is Sprint's drop/reconnect every 10-30 mins with horrible thruput in Chicago even though I get 3-5 bars.


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