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Phrase for 2017-2018 school year is "Three Dinosaur Giraffe Butts".

The mantra is "Shovel" from grovel from gravel from gratitude.

The shovel head is the size of a spoon, and the handle is 35 feet long, and at a sharp angle. It is designed to move a piece of gravel weighing 18 tons, and about
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One of my buddies just got riffed from his company. I know he'll be fine. He's one of those kind of people that just make things work. He's good with people, and knows how all the parts fit together within a big company. More importantly, he's good people. You can tell he's got a big
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twelve people sleeping

eleven little smokies

ten timers ticking

nine scrambled eggs

eight funky noses

seven shiny earrings

six teddy bears


four ornaments

three belly buttons

two burning fires

and a bathtub full of chickpeas!

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The question I ask myself pretty often, obviously not as much in the heat of the moment, but in post-reflection, is "What is best for my kids." This does not mean "What is best for my wishes for my kids."

There are all sorts of things I want for my kids, and things I want them to do, or want
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December 26 marks 10 years since my mom passed.

For a few years, I seemed oblivious.

Then for a few, I realized winter was a heavy time of the year.

Then I realized it was all connected.

This year, it's been easier. Still some overeating the last 10 days, but lots of happy time too.

I haven't worked out seeing all of my extended family, but I've talked to a bunch of them pretty recently.

Hugs to everyone, alive, and no longer with us.

It reminds me of a toast:
¡Arriba! - Glasses held high, to those already in heaven.
¡Abajo! - Glasses held low, to those still on earth.
¡Al centro! - Glasses to the center, to those in your present company.
¡y pa'dentro! - Glasses to the teeth, down the hatch.
¡salud! - Health!


Mar. 19th, 2015 08:51 pm
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That was a nice nap. Almost made up for how late I was up. Woke up to two calls.

* Jenn nearly ran over a cyclist in her neighborhood who was wearing all black on a black bike at dusk with no reflectors, no lights, after turning onto a residential side street. She caught a glimpse of a green helmet, and all was good. PLEASE BE VISIBLE WHEN YOU ARE ON A BIKE!

* My uncle is running into the age-old issue of PDF files being small when you get them, but too big for a mail server after print, sign, scan. Rather than one of us trekking across the metroplex, or teaching 6 people how to sign up for and use Google Drive, I'm going to see if I can show him how to use Filezilla to send me the document so I can shrink it.
But, for now, supper!

This feels more like a livejournal post. Maybe I'll post there instead. I feel like I really do more journaling than booking of the faces.


Aug. 8th, 2014 07:38 am
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Max and Khai decided an XBox-360 was in order. Lots of cheap games. A new 360E was the best option, so Max went that route. He put in $155 (vs $94+SH + Accessories for used, or $156 for refurb). Khai put in $20. I put in $5, plus bought a 320GB drive ($45). No Kinect. Halo 3 was bought for $6 by Max. Our DVD player has gone stale since we set up a media PC, so the XB360 will take over that HDMI port.
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I'm not much of a holiday person at all, especially the ones that seem to exist for the sole purpose of keeping retail sales from slumping between the "big" holidays.

But, Erica made me a bunch of neat cards all week. Some are little squares, some are cross-stitched folded-cards, and one is a watercolor BMO valentine from Etsy.

So, the best I could do was make a simple card with a beautiful but web-stolen graphic of hearts in a tree of life on the front, and a few simple words inside:

Dearest Erica,
You are so good to me.
I appreciate all of the daily things.
I appreciate your love, tolerance, and friendship.
I don't want you to be just my valentine.
Please get old with me.
We can count wrinkles and ailments together.

Love Always,
Josh Posh Squash

Also, I offered to pay for a Groupon for house cleaning.
Her life-long goal is to have a housekeepr.
I don't really have the $$ to pay a full time keeper,
but from time to time, as a gift -- I can do that.

But not me. I'm personally lazy.
I'll work on other things for money, and
trade that money to pay someone else to clean.

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I realized a week ago that I am MIDDLE AGED. Not sure how this happened. On June 20(ish), I will be half of the current US male life expectancy.

Erica's older than me by several months, but women live longer. Her half-way point is not until mid-May of 2016.

My dad made it to 79.5%, and my mom made it to 79.0%. I'm hoping to make it well past 100%, but we never know.

I'm thankful to be alive and have a wonderful family that supports me.
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I was at a school in south Arlington. So many little details about the school snd people. It was probably the 1950s but not really. Something happened politically and a small atomic bomb went off to the east.

My mom and I knew it first because we already saw it happen and came back in time to stop it. Unortunately, we could not do anything about it.

My mom had time cloned herself and her clone was going to sacrifice herself. She was calling herself Penny. I was sad, because a already knew that both of them would die.

The school was directly in the wind path, and we could not get anyone to leave. After the blast, it was about sheltering in place.

The VIP room was having breakfast for people who arrived that day. Mom and I had breakfast yesterday, but the selection was better today. McCaffrey's family was there, and a grandmother who was social, but would reach over and stir someone's food with her finger, then splash the food, when they were not looking.

I was sad, because I was stuck here, in a second iteration of this horrid day.

I left to go help people, but it was too close. Everyone was doing the same things as last time. A gathering to talk about the conflict, then the boom in the distance.

I walked. I knew my mom was dead, and I figured I could teleport or jaunt home. I couldn't. I was outside and saw the mushroom cloud on the near horizon, drifting slowly towards us. Maybe it was my upset, or the people around me, but I realized I could not teleport anymore because my mom was dead. Both of them.

I walked home. I had not veen tgere in a long time. I saw transit bussed all along, but they were too slow. Soo many stops. No one knew about the blast but a few people called out that it sort of looked like a mushroom cloud. It was.

I walked into a house that looked like my mom's, but expanded, rearranged, and renovated very nicely. A nice, big, friendly dog was there. A lady wa on the phone and I mouthed "sorry" to her as I left. No problem. The dog followed me out the screen door.

I was sad, but would be okay.

So I woke up, and it sucked. I was going to call my mom and tell her about it.

Then I remembered she is really dead in real life as of 2005-12-26. It was like a nuclear bomb went off. I don't think I'll ever "get over" the death of my mom. I don't think anyone ever really does. She is the anchor, until she's not.

But you learn to move on. By now, most days are fine, but once in a while, I'll indulge the sadness and the memories for a minute. This dream had all of the emotions.

Mom would have loved to see the kids growing up.
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Yesterday was great. Know why?
"Yah, my dad's pretty awesome." - Max
"I like how awesome dad is. He helps me understand things." - Khai

Too soon!

Sep. 16th, 2013 01:57 am
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Me: Would you like to be tucked in?

Max: No thank you.

Me: ;(
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Airplane card

Computer card

Present- a water backpack (think ice pack).

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On 2012-01-15, I tried to move just under half (5/11ths) of my HSA balance into the HSA investment account. When I submitted the change, I got this:

"com.ibm.websphere.sca.ServiceRuntimeException: CWSXM0201E: Exception returned by mediation flow for component HSAInvestment_Mediation in module LOBSB_HSAInvestment_v2 CWSXM3713E: The fail terminal on Service Invoke primitive SI_Email in operation sendInvestmentBuyTxn in mediation component HSAInvestment_Mediation in module LOBSB_HSAInvestment_V2 was fired but the terminal is unwired: caused by: com.ibm.ws.sibx.mediation.esb.SIBXFireFailTerminalException: CWSXM3713E: The fail terminal on Service Invoke primitive SI_Email in operation sendInvestmentBuyTxn in mediation component HSAInvestment_Mediation in module LOBSB_HSAInvestment_v2 was fired but the terminal is unwired."

I then checked, and I saw that it pulled the transaction twice, totaling 10/11ths of my balance. Since it was after 3pm, it was listed as a 2012-01-16 transaction. I called, and after much discussion with supervisors, etc, the phone rep indicated that we would have to wait until it settled, then I could issue a sell transaction.

I though I would just leave it, but with the kids' Dr visits today, we plowed through the remaining 1/11th (since when did amoxicillin syrup cost $65/bottle, and since when did kids need three bottles each? Plus the Dr's visit, which was $160 each, plus a dental checkup unrelated.)

So anyway, I went to look, thinking I would pull the other half back, and LO! It never showed up. I have the one chunk there, and no other pending transactions. The other chunk just disappeared entirely.

I should have known it was something bad, considering the websphere error mentioned FAILING TO SEND AN EMAIL!!!!

WHAT?!?! Transfers should not be e-fracking-mails.

Anyway, I called back in today, explained, gave the ref number, and it's being escalated to a supervisor with 3-5 day turnaround time.

In the meantime, I'm glad I pulled extra from savings. *sigh*
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Frown: Both boys have strep. Erica and I don't feel stellar either.

Smile: Calculation error corrected, and I spent 30% at Amazon vs what I previously thought.
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Ref: http://xaminmo.livejournal.com/1295665.html

Saw this painting in late April at the Denton Music Festival:

The three figures are the artist, his wife, and his daughter.

Some neat stories from him about how he and his wife were in love, but her conservative chinese family didn't allow her to be with the son of a hippy. Cut to 15 years later, and they run into eachother again, and end up getting married, and having a daughter.
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Erica joined "stick in the mud" and "better than a poke in the eye."

"Better than a poke in the mud."

Mine was pretty awesome too. The fam was watching The Avengers, but it was skipping. I said, "I can pull it out and polish it for you.". Everyone died at the insufficient context for "it" as spoken.

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http://geni.com - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* great interface, and good features
* Collaboration is easy.
* Older trees' default privacy was too open.
* Merging trees may change ownership.
* Trial is full featured
* Yearly cost is non-trivial.

* Huge amounts of support
* Great archives, horrible indexes
* Extremely limited for non-paid
* Monthly costs
* Manual work for merging trees, connecting references, etc.

* Moderately decent searching
* Poor substantiation, references, etc.
* Great for well established trees
* No longer supports GEDCOM
* Shared tree is public

http://findmypast.co.uk - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* UK based ancestry information
* Extensive indexing of scanned resources

http://webtrees.net/ - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* PhpGedView, reworked, using MySQL only
* Runs on your own server

PC Programs:
* Syncs from major websites to many PC apps
* Ancestry.com, geni.com, familysearch.com, etc
* AQ, PAF, FTM, etc.
* Free download - semi-beta
* Copies media files as well as chart data
* Windows and OSX support

Relatives: http://www.genealogysoft.com
* Fast, but had major defects in 1.0. Need to review v2.1

RootsMagic: http://www.rootsmagic.com
* Minor issues in v4, but had pulled ahead of most everyone else

Personal Ancestry File: https://familysearch.org/products/
* De facto standard for compatibility and function.
* Not updated in over a decade
* Still better than most editors out there

Ancestral Quest: http://www.ancquest.com
* The maker of the last 2 versions of PAF
* Some enhancements over PAF
* Great compatibility
* Still somewhat dated
* Trial/Essential version replaces PAF, still free
* Trial version is annoyware.

Family Tree Maker:
* Horrible compatibility, but some good non-standard features.
* Listed here only because it's popular
* Not going to use this, or any of the others.

Good reviews:
* Some tools not reviewed in 5 years, and new versions need to be checked.
* Great performance and compatibility tests
* Rambly, so spend some time
* Some of the best reference on Gene tools anywhere.
* Best of: http://www.tamurajones.net/GeneAwards2010.xhtml

* Additional processing for SNP dumps
* Freely downloadable python tools for parsing dumps
* This is for people not worried about genetic privacy
* Lots of open-source genotyping development

* Genotyping with community, reports, updates, etc
* Moderately prices
* Not a complete gene map
* Offers dumps of your data if you like
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When you go to the beach, you must take along a big blanket, a thermos bottle full of spit
TYPE OF LIQUID, lots of suntan snot
SOMETHING ICKY, and a couple of folding bananas
PIECE OF FURNITURE (PLURAL). Then you put on your banana
ARTICLE OF CLOTHING so you can get a beautiful green
COLOR to last you all summer. You also should have a big hat to keep the sun off your ear
PART OF THE BODY. If you want exercise, you can find some gallons
PLURAL NOUN to play volleyball with. Volleyball is America’s favorite tall
ADJECTIVE game. You can also bring a/an wordy
ADJECTIVE lunch, such as hard-boiled nouns
PLURAL NOUN, a few dolphin
ANIMAL sandwiches with mustard, and some bottles of trolldragon
SILLY WORD cola. If you remember all of the above and get a place near a/an scrapy
ADJECTIVE lifeguard, you can sunbathe slippily
ADVERB all day.


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