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What is evil? It's not some force, roaming the land. It is a dark spot inside each of us. It's an absence of love.

Be a better person. Don't take joy in someone else suffering for their faults. Protect yourself, and those who are unable to protect themselves, and fill the rest of your heart
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"Nearly 40,000 people learned this week that a trip to the doctor may have made them sick."

"A Las Vegas clinic was found to be reusing syringes and vials of medication for nearly four years."

"Health inspectors say they observed clinic staff using the same syringe twice to extract anesthesia from a single vial, which was then inappropriately used to treat more than one patient. The practice allows contaminated blood in a used syringe to taint the vial and infect the next patient."

"Clinic staff told inspectors they had been ordered by management to reuse the vials and syringes."

"Investigators were told the practice was an attempt to cut costs."

"In letters that began arriving this week, patients who received injected anesthesia at the endoscopy center from March 2004 to mid-January were urged to get tested for hepatitis B and C, and HIV."

"Six acute cases of hepatitis C have been confirmed. The surgical center and five affiliated clinics have been closed."

"The clinic's majority owner, Dipak Desai, a political contributor and member of the governor's commission on health care, has refused to comment on the allegations."

"He released a statement expressing concern for the patients and assuring the public the problems had been corrected."

"He later took out a full-page ad in Sunday's edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal insisting that needles had not been reused and that the chances of contracting an infection at the center in most of the last four years were 'extremely low.'"

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When the boot drive of your server makes that special "clack clack clack" sound...

When the clone of the system to new hardware from before the failure... just won't boot...


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Dear Microsoft and Installshield,
Please understand that a directory named "TEMP" is for TEMPORARY files. This should not be used for critical files or permanent storage. Specifically, when I find 300-1200 megs of leftover crap in C:\TEMP, C:\WINDOWS\TEMP, and C:\Documents and Settings\*\Local Settings\TEMP, then I should be able to purge that data without causing all future installations and deinstallations of .NET to fail, with no possibility of repair.


And this is not the only program. Adobe Acrobat Professional v6, and Cisco VPN client v4.* throw fits if the installer is not left on-disk.

This is totally unacceptable.

This is MY computer. Not yours.

Repeated violations of my trust have lead me nearly to the point of abandoning M$ products altogether. The only reason I'm still using Windows is because a few of my favorite video games want to be run on Windows.

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I also think that reliable internet connectivity is an absolute requirement for any hotel, cellular service provider, line-based phone provider, etc.

This whole, drops ssh connections to any hose if I send more than 2-3k of data total is crap (Lafayette),
as is Sprint's drop/reconnect every 10-30 mins with horrible thruput in Chicago even though I get 3-5 bars.


Nov. 23rd, 2007 04:11 pm
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So, a cron job fails on AIX 5300-05-06.

The machine gets rebooted to enable aio.

From then on, cron no longer processes the crontab for the user whose job failed.

WTF is THAT about?

I had to edit the cron tab and save it changed to get it to continue.

This is *not* acceptable.
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So, when I whined about Lenovo, I also emailed them, asking to escalate the issue to an executive level, that it was unacceptable that their ship time is a month and 4 days when Dell's is 4 days only, for comparable systems.

So the response is that I got a ship notice for the rest of the order this evening.

I mean, I'm glad to have it ship, but I'm frustrated that I have to complain every time.

I realized, there was a difference from the Dell system. The Dell system wasn't small form factor. Their small form factor system was $190 more, though Dell was dual core Athlon X2, and Lenovo system is a Sempron. Conversely, Lenovo was 3 years and Dell was 1 year warranty.

So, it's a good price and good equip.

Oh, I forgot. That's the triad.

For any product or service, you can have two but not three of:
* Good price
* Good quality
* Good service

Though, I did write to the cust service rep that it wasn't a cust service issue, it's a management issue. It's not like customer service assembles the machines. They just take the complaints when things go awry.
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So, I got a page... Gold is up to $850 USD/oz. It was $650/oz just a couple of months ago.

Gold isn't a commodity or stock.

Gold is the international currency.

So this REALLY means the dollar is devaluing rapidly.

To prove the point, growing up, the Canadian dollar was worth 73-76 cents US.

We finally crossed over.

The US dollar is worth 91.6 Canadian cents.

Those stray Canadian pennies and dimes are now worth more on the world market than our currency.

It now takes $2.1041 US to equal one British pound sterling.

It's 1.4662 USD per Euro.

This also is tough for Hong Kong. They are officially tied to the USD at an exchange rate of roughly 7.5 HKD to 1 USD.

The only major currency against which we are not declining is the Japanese Yen. The Yen is tanking in roughly the same pattern as the US dollar.

The Chinese Yuan is improving, against us. It's not because of Chinese growth. They have a high beta but overall are following the GBP. We lose 5-10 cents per month against the Yuan and are currently at 7.45 Yuan per Dollar.

Our value is evaporating. Real estate rupture is part of it, and rising energy costs is another. On the flip side, being devalued, it will return us to being a producer, because people will pay for our goods.

Unfortunately, it means our services will lose traction locally. My company is still not digging into international contracts.

Count on January being a big drop for the US economy. Christmas sales will be lackluster. Money has dried up even more. We are stairstepping down, and have a big dip every 6 months. That will coincide with late Dec through early Feb. I think this dip will be bigger.


May. 18th, 2007 01:42 pm
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While researching about batteries, I ran across this
"Myth: The old myth about not storing batteries on concrete floors is just that - a myth. This old story has been around for 100 years, and originated back when battery cases were made up of wood and asphalt. The acid would leak from them, and form a slow-discharging circuit through the now acid-soaked and conductive floor."

I was researching because I had a premature failure in my Thinkpad Li-Po ultrabay battery. In researching the part, many people have also.

The Ultrabay Battery is Lithium Polymer. It's a 1-year warranty. The warranty generally means at the end of the warranty period, 70-80% of the capacity of the battery is still present.

Li-Po, at 1C discharges, are rated for 200-550 cycles, and this one is rated for 1 year warranty. 1C is generally around 0.4A per cell. On this battery, current draw is 1.3 to 1.5 amperes and recharge with laptop on full brightness is up to 1.09A. Li-Po is 4.2V/cell, and the battery is 12.53V. This means 3 cells, so we're only slightly over the ideal current load. We're OK there.

Li-Po like to be stored below 50% (they're shipped around 40%). Leaving it out of the laptop is bad because it will be stored at full charge. Leaving it at half charge is bad, because then it's never ready for use. Well, we're screwed no matter what with this, but it should only equate to 1-2% loss per month.

Complete discharge (well, below 10%) greatly reduces the life. With this unit, in 6 weeks, it had taken 25 cycles. A cycle is going down past 25%. Hrm. I've only gone under 30% once or twice, and the main battery only shows 10 cycles.

Further research and testing shows that when not plugged in, the ThinkPad power subsystem will completely discharge the ultrabay battery before beginning to consume the primary battery. There's no balancing or dual use.

The primary battery is 84.24Wh when new, and the Ultrabay is 29.16Wh when new. This means, when the laptop hits 75%, the ultrabay battery is at zero. Each time this happens, it ratchets away capacity from the battery.

It's REALLY easy to hit 75% just showing something away from power source.

This is very bad design. The power board should switch between batteries to equally discharge them. Alternatively, maybe discharge one battery down to 30%, then hit the other to zero, then the last one to zero. SOMETHING to reduce the death-discharges on these.

Anyway, I submitted a comment to Lenovo on the web, and am sending a sheet back with the battery in the return box.

and had a max capacity of 68% (19Wh out of 29Wh max).
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Shuttle XPC SN27P2 with nForce-MCP55 chipset
GeForce 7100 PCI Express
two OCZ DDR2 5-5-5-15 1GB DDR4 DIMMs
two Athlon X2 4600+
two Maxtor (Seagate) DiamondMax 500GB SATA drives
one DVD burner
Unk rated, generic power supply.

CentOS 5 x64 hangs during verifying packages, or when warm, it will hang during Anaconda start-up.

Ok, so Fedora 6 went on, which is also RHEL5.

Even with fans turned up, if I chew up both CPUs with gzip -9, it will hang within 15 mins.


OCZ memory is aparently no stable in these, but lots of people have stability issues with this box.

My company bought it to replace our hosted webserver.


Plus 4 hours of Gary's time.

Plus 9 hours of my time.

I think it would have been better to buy server grade system. I'm fond of the Dell Power Edge line for its pricepoint and reliability.

Bad dream

Apr. 10th, 2007 08:32 am
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I had a dream that Jenny went to work for a zoo, in some sort of determined or defiant way.

Shortly thereafter, a lion batted at her and tore her head off.

I've been up for over an hour and I'm still very very disturbed by this.
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So, who else is in CenturyTel turf and has woe stories?

For those not in the know, in the Lake Cities, CenturyTel has a no-compete agreement with the local governments. This is how they operate. They own the copper and the city won't lease out wire space to other LECs.

So, if I want to run an internet host, my choices are:
* Satellite - 1/5 second lag minimum
* Charter - Dynamic IP only
* CenturyTel - Not great offerings, but not horrible
* T-xx service - overpriced for the capacity, and the last mile is still by CTel.

So, about 4 times a year I have an outage of a few hours. It could be worse, but it could be better.

I got a flier the other day and called about it. Basically, I'd been forced to pay $20/mo for a static IP for the last year, when it was supposed to be free. They cut the charge and gave me a $33 rebate.

That night, I lose my static IP. My firewall rules are taylored for static IP, so I lose connectivity. It takes 2 calls and about 45 minutes to get this sorted out.

The next day, I choose to apply the difference towards faster connectivity. I'm still capped at 512mbit up, but I'm moving from 1.5 down (business only) to 6mbit down. My order was to be serviced in 3 days, aka, today.

At 1:45pm today, my line drops. This is expected because they needed to replace my line card. I figured the outage would be a few mins. At 2pm I call and get Matt, one of the guys whose voice is in use on the daytime VRU even. He checks things, said my DSL modem is OK for this upgrade, and to call back after 5pm if not back online by then.

So, at 5:45pm, I call and wait on hold a bit. Jason checks, and the line isn't even mapped for DSL anymore. There's no tracking number assigned either. His supervisor gets a tracking number assigned, and says it will be wednesday before my service is restored.

Business line, $112/mo, 5 day outage. Unacceptable.

"That's why my supervisor offerred 1 month credit."

Still not ok.

Over to Steve in cust service. He works with his supervisor, Carrie (sp). Dispatch is closed. Repair can't help because it's a problem with provisioning. Carrie promises to call dispatch first thing Monday and to keep me advised via my cell.

I'm fuming.

I have bulk transfers to send and work to complete this weekend because I'll be out of town next week and much of the following weekend. These customers need service now. It doesn't help that this loaner laptop's network stack dies after pushing 2-8GB, requiring a reboot before even opening new programs.

So, I'm on my cell card. I'm going to go to my office later and use their cable modem. I hope I don't need anything from my home server.

I'm trying to figure out what to do about this. I'm not ready to move out of CTel turf. Satellite internet is expensive and laggy. If I go cable, I lose the ability to connect to my home server reliably, and I'll need to offload my web hosting to probably dreamhost.

I think I need to write to my mayor and to ctel execs too.
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It's from the same era of Rocket Man with William Shatner.
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Laptop hinges are coming unscrewed on the right again.

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Dear Firefox development,
It is not acceptable that my browser will magically crash just by submitting a FORM with method of POST. I would report this to you, but why bother? I reported that your handling of plugins can chew 100% CPU if there is any sort of network lag in loading media. You said it wasn't your problem, it was the plugins. You know, all of them. You also consistently fail to render pages properly. Historically, you say that it's not your fault. You're following process and rendering them properly would violate protocol.

Well fuck you.

I don't give a shit if it's the RIGHT way if you consistently fail to operate. You can make the most beautiful code in the universe, but if it's crap, or fails to meet the basic purpose for the code, then what is the purpose of anyone using the code?

Oh, and when I submit a bug, you can only bitch about it being a duplicate, OR being closed, but you can't bitch at me for closing it when you tell me it's a duplicate and YOU close it, then further refuse to explain what I could have done better.

You are unfit to develop software and unfit to interact with humans of any intellect level.

Just go away and die so someone else can try not to waste my time.

Dear Microsoft,
Your new browser is non-intuitive. This is a problem. Clean interface is nice, but your icons are nondescript. I shouldn't have to review and memorize the menus just to use the product. Granted, your browser renders more pages, and mostly works ok, it's still inflexible to the point of having to be insecure in order to be usable.

Apple will crush you.

You know, competing in the same market for low-end computer technology, apple's OS is better. It took 15 years to get BSD to be acceptable to most desktop users, and price is still a little high, but it's close now.

And your office 2007 is CRAP. I tried the beta. The interface might as well just be 27 individual pixels to click on. How about doing really well the top 85% of time spent and leave all the extra crap aside?

LJ maint

Dec. 13th, 2006 08:56 am
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Am I crazy to think that a multi-million subscriber system should pre-announce even minor maintenance on a published schedule so that paying customers can know in advance of and during an outage?


"This journal is temporarily in read only mode"

"The database is currently unavailable."

"Oh, we're going to not honour your security settings when we DO let a post through."



Sep. 8th, 2006 07:25 pm
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So, I'm sitting at the airport, waiting for a flight in the SCSI terminal....

And a woman across the walkway leans over and drops a loogie onto the carpet,
then continues talking on her cellphone.

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So, aparently, vending machines in Troy, MI don't keep track of goods sold. If you misdial an empty slot, it still clicks and it keeps your money. It even told me to "enjoy" my product.

So, later, I was getting other food, and I needed change. I put a fiver in the changer and got coins. One of my quarters was rejected by the coke machine.


Then I inspect it. It has a slight white-powdery look to it. It's dated 1964. When I set it down, it has a light, high-pitched sound vs a dull rattle.

I think this makes up for the $1.30 it ate earlier. 1964 washington 6.25g at 90% = .1809oz silver. Street value is about $2 and a raw, silver value of $2.25 to $2.50 at current prices.


Jun. 9th, 2006 12:34 pm
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When you have a company that relies on a helpdesk, please ensure that you do not inadvertantly, nor purposefully, use the helpdesk to shield your enterprise from accountability, especially when the problems are avoidable and multifaceted.

I've gotten alot of "well, our response time is blah blah."


Also, if you're going to implement a quota system, then you damned well better notify your users BEFOREHAND so they can take appropriate actions to prevent being locked out.

Finally, if you're going to block emails from specific internal hosts, regardless of whether it's manual or automatic, you REALLY need to contact the owner, the recipient, or SOMEONE in advance to make sure it's OK.

Mistakes happen, but keeping affected people notified is paramount.

Because everything is shielded from everything else, this becomes design issue of the entire support system, specifically management and architect positions.

So, you also need to make sure that user feedback can actually get from users to management and architecture of your solution. There should be a direct path from the users, with confirmed response from those in charge. It's ok to have filters and processors for handling bulk amounts of feedback, but the people in charge need to be involved, and every bit of feedback should be handled and RESPONDED TO.

But, aparently, people don't like accountability. They want to pick a solution, have it work, and then wash their hands of it without passing on or maintaining responsibility. It's only of an upper exec has troubles that any sizeable response occurs.


I like the contract I'm on, most of the time, but there's alot of CFs going on and the new owners have almost as much bureaucracy as my last job. The old owners streamlined things and kept things pretty personable and efficient. The new owners seem to think that by buying up lots of companies and making them all use the same system, that somehow magically makes the one system a good system.

Every day, for multiple people, I see poor organization of the new company impacting someone, somewhere. The people with the knowhow are disregarded, because it doesn't match the way the new company does it.

That's a sure-fire path to disaster. I think the company's size and momentum is the only thing it has going for it. Granted, there are some really good people in the mix, but they're made impotent by the structure.
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Morality police turn witch hunters
RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's powerful morality police is launching a witch hunt in the birthplace of Islam.

The Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is setting up special centers in all cities to "register complaints on sorcerers and charlatans, track them and terminate them," the authority's chief Sheikh Ibrahim bin Abdallah al-Ghaith told al-Madinah newspaper.

Islam forbids magic and practicing it is considered blasphemy.

Saudi newspapers often report incidents involving so-called sorcerers, mainly from the Indian subcontinent and Africa.

Some Saudis pay them vast amounts of money, hoping to uncover hidden treasures or get jobs, according to the papers.

The religious police have wide powers in Saudi Arabia, which imposes a strict version of Sunni Islam, to prevent the spread of drugs, alcohol and prostitution as well as stop unrelated men and women mixing in public.


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