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I'm not much of a holiday person at all, especially the ones that seem to exist for the sole purpose of keeping retail sales from slumping between the "big" holidays.

But, Erica made me a bunch of neat cards all week. Some are little squares, some are cross-stitched folded-cards, and one is a watercolor BMO valentine from Etsy.

So, the best I could do was make a simple card with a beautiful but web-stolen graphic of hearts in a tree of life on the front, and a few simple words inside:

Dearest Erica,
You are so good to me.
I appreciate all of the daily things.
I appreciate your love, tolerance, and friendship.
I don't want you to be just my valentine.
Please get old with me.
We can count wrinkles and ailments together.

Love Always,
Josh Posh Squash

Also, I offered to pay for a Groupon for house cleaning.
Her life-long goal is to have a housekeepr.
I don't really have the $$ to pay a full time keeper,
but from time to time, as a gift -- I can do that.

But not me. I'm personally lazy.
I'll work on other things for money, and
trade that money to pay someone else to clean.

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Are you a repliCAN or a repliCAN'T?

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Ignore the fact that she's tall and attractive, this statement of hers sums up her complete awesomeness...

(2010-07-21 17:16:06) Erica: I find that I like the going-line-by-line-in-code part, whether HTML or CSS, much better than the Illustrator fooooo that makes me want to melt into the floor.
(2010-07-21 17:16:15) Erica: More control over the code. :)
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This happens when Erica uses her computer heavily or plays video:
P1100196 Laptop Video Problems
Though, after a bios update, and resetting video config to defaults (mostly), things SEEM to be a little more stable.


Nov. 14th, 2007 04:43 pm
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Banko Famerica
Bank of Erica
that's all.
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My wife said i should call into work dirty tomorrow.
not like THAT you sicko.


Oct. 4th, 2007 12:29 am
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[livejournal.com profile] xaminmo My guts are singing today. They're singing the blues.

[livejournal.com profile] erica No, they're singing the BROWNS. Just like the blues, only darker.


Jun. 23rd, 2007 10:56 am
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The dream itself was stretched and fragmented over several minutes, rather than a normal few-seconds at once. I'd almost wake then re-doze and forget the almost waking.

I was somewhere, sort of industrial, semi dystopic land. I was sort of avoiding someone who was a subversive authority. I didn't know specifically the threat, other than I didn't REALLy want to encounter "Them".
Dystopia )
I don't remember everything by now, but Matt and Jenny were with me now and we somehow made our way to a parking lot which I THINK was at an airport.

We went inside and to a darkish clubroom.
Party )
This is when I woke up.


Jun. 15th, 2007 09:05 pm
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Laptops you cam submerge, freeze, bury in sand, view the screen in full sun, or view in pitch black using IR goggles: http://www.gd-computing.com/index.cfm?page=Products:Products

Silver Surfer was OK, but not so great. I mean, don't get me wrong. Jessica Alba is hot, but 30%+ of the movie was just to show off her hotness. Character interaction was bare minimum to get the point across. Some neat concepts were trashed by lack of realism. Yes, I know, "Realism!?!?!" but there's a difference between accepting what hasn't happenned vs what cannot happen. microspoiler ) Anyway, Spiderman III was much better and much more "realistic", you know, except that whole "aggressive microbes make aggressive humans" thing.

I fixed Erica's Thunderbird profile to send junkmail to her "junk" folder, but to never junk anyone she has in her addressbook, which includes anyone she has ever emailed from TB. Still, I need to remember to tell her to check the junk folder once in a while, because it did auto-move some non-junk in there which I recategorized and moved back.

These are awesome:
Poor audio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bsOf3KewOU
Too long of a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvP-zK8JRAw
Pretty good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmqvjALs_n0
Excellent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZnyN5Otc9U


Mar. 12th, 2007 09:53 pm
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Between top and second-from-top thoracic is the most debilitating pain I've experienced in the last couple of years. Luckily, it started AFTER we dropped off the Saturn.

Saturn was finished SAME DAY! WOOT. Unfortunately, we shelled out just under $1k. $120 for the new fan assembly, plus $180 labor. Plus $224 to replace a leaking transaxle seal. Plus $350 for 90k service (brakes, fuel injector service, engine and passenger air filters, oil, fluids, rotate, balance).

On the bright side...

I was looking for somewhere to do the Saturn headliner. I couldn't find any nearby (ie, less than 30 miles away) Auto interior places. The ones I did find were specialty custom mod places.

But google pointed me to Auto Headliners Express. I have an appt for a week from Thursday. The guy will come to our house and spend about 1.5 hours, charge about $135 (plus whatever tax). Granted, the backer board is still in good shape, so he can just scrape it, roll on the new foamed-fabric, and we're set. Still. That's pretty cool.

The drawback is that the visors also need to be re-done, and that's a stitch job or a replacement. I guess I could order them from Saturn. Hopefully not more than $60 ea.

Erica and I had some discussions about communication issues.

Khai has conjunctivitis and hates the new eye drops.

Max is nearly immune to the fact that he had surgery on Friday. Seriously. Even same-day, his pain level didn't exceed 5. Next day, all the pain meds worn off, no tylenol even. His lefticle is still a little swolen, and has a line of bruise where the hydrocele was before, but it's less purple than before, and less swolen, and no pain.

Erica came down with the 24 hour flu midday. She's got a sore throat, aches, low appetite, etc. I let her suffer quietly on the sofa and took care of cleaning the kitchen, making supper, feeding the kids, cleaning up after. I helped with bath-time yesterday and today, and got them ready for bed mostly. Tonight, Khai zonked out, and Max and I discussed bacteria rather than a Susan Swan Superhero Story.
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Key Lime Soup is REALLY GOOD when frozen

Air Travel

Nov. 2nd, 2006 01:46 pm
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Erica is going to FL today with [livejournal.com profile] mongomargarita. We were kind of short on formal booking time notice, so we couldn't get her on the same flight as MM. We ended up buying a seat on the flight just before, but she was stuck without seat assignment. We dropped her off about 11:45, and there was much weeping, etc.

So, she checked in, but had a priority verification card rather than an assigned seat. They were overbooked. She offered to be "flexible in her travel plans" and was rewarded with a $300 travel voucher, a $5 food coupon, and a guaranteed seat on the flight [livejournal.com profile] mongomargarita is on.


The only drawback is more time at the airport, but ultimately, it worked out really well.

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This was the tail end of a series of dreams.

Me, Erica and some others were walking around dreamland NYC. It was "downtown" in the dream by name, but it felt more like mid-town. There were high-rises though.

We were in a warehouse-like district. All older (1930s) era offices and industrial. The buildings immediately surrounding us were around 6 stories tall.

It was night time, and there were many pedestrians, and a moderate amound of automobile traffic. The feel of the streets reminded me more of West End than NY, but whatever.

There was a tall Sheraton tower a few blocks away that we could see. It had to be 20-30 stories tall. It was the better part of a city block in size. It had a HUGE bell on top. The bell began tolling.

Everyone stopped to watch. It was amazing. It seemed to be swinging a little off-angle though. And it kept ringing. And the clapper wedged in the front-left corner of the assembly.

Then, the bell began to shake. This wasn't a normal shake you'd expect. It looked as if I giant had grasped it and was giving it good, hard shakes to free the clapper from it's confines.

At this point, everyone is still dumbstruck, but I'm starting to get scared. I start trying to usher my group behind the nearest building back (as if it were any better than the building right in front of us).

Then, the bellstand (for lack of better term) collapses. Everyone freaks out. Dust and debris fly everywhere. A whine of falling metal, almost more of a rumble, as a huge chunk flys past, directly overhead, and craters a couple hundred feet past.

Except, the debris came at a right angle to where it would have come from were it coming from the bell tower. I never rectified this, but maybe it was from another building.

Anyway, a VW Beetle (new style) was scooped up and flew past just overhead as well.

So, EB and some others were convinced to go with me to the building behind us. We broke in and I wanted to take us to the basement for protection from more chunks.

It was all white-painted cement, with smoothed, rounded corners. In the center were three "doors". They were about 30 degrees from being flat on the ground (or ceiling). One had stairs, one had a maintenance slide, and one was a personnell slide.

The slides were sort of downward sinusoidal shapes, with the sides scooping up rather than being hard angles. They were wide enough for 4 people side-by-side to squeeze, or probably 2 to slide easily down. It was polished cement. The stairs were similar construction. The entrance walls to the three were also the support pillars for the floor/ceiling.

We went down one slide to the next floor. From there, we had to get up and go around by foot a few feet to head to the next level down. Erica wanted to go up, and not down. I tried to explain as we went that down was safer from debris, but she was already gone.

I called out to her and she didn't respond. There was no sound of footsteps. She was just gone.

So, then I woke up, and went to pee. You know, the only times I remember dreams are when I'm dreaming and being woken up for something.

Anyway, when I came back to bed, I closed my eyes and instantly went back to dreamland. Aparently, the whole ordeal had been an airstrike. I openned my eyes, wrote that part down, and then went firmly back to sleep.


Jun. 28th, 2006 09:53 pm
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Aparently, to Erica's exhausted gyrii and other neural structures, "remote control" = "phlebotomy".
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I remember my dad always telling me not to consider a house as an investment, but a living expense. This really applies now and into the next 5-10 years. Maybe at the bottom I'll buy up and become a land lord. :)

Proper maintenance on a house should be 5-10% of its value per year. I'd heard this before but forgot/ignored until I re-read it yesterday. That gives me something to work with.

Kitchen is high priority. I'll probably get the materials for the upstairs bathroom at the same time.

It looks like our kitchen will cost us $3500 to $6000 depending on materials. We're starting to think tile is the way to go for flooring, and still leaning towards Ikea iKea TheIkeanEmpire to provide cabinetry.

Upstairs bathroom will probably be $800 if I don't retile the tub and $1200 if I do.

Another thing is the upstairs floor. That may overtake the kitch in priority since it might be structural. I expect $100 if nothing is wrong and up to $1000 if it's fairly minor. If it's really serious, I'd expect 4-8 times that.

After that, we'd need new carpeting ($2500-$3600), which would bring about new baseboards (a few hundred $$ for the house).

At some point, we need to look at replacing the roof decking. I have delusions of building on to the second floor, which would need to preced the roofing work, but would need to be preceded by some structural upgrades.

We also need to upgrade our HVAC system to cut energy consumption. This would need to happen around the time of any expansions, I'd like to get a variable speed blower so we can have a second zone for upstairs, though if we expanded, I might want to just have a second unit for upstairs.


Apr. 16th, 2006 03:39 pm
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Screaming guts, isolated, at home, on the toilet, with a laptop perched on the side of an overturned stepstool.

Walking down the alley today. The mulberry in the alley was kind enough to push one section of the aged fence loose. Awesome, because on the way back, we can shortcut through our backyard. Horrifying because someone else could do the same, or our kids could sneak away while playing in the yard.

So I spent about 30 mins mounting 2 new slats on the back, one new picket on the front, sawing 2 wedges out of the tree, undercutting pickets, remounting all of the pickets to the new slats, and remounting the section to the fencepost.

Erica took the kids to buy plastic eggs since we missed the Lake Dallas hunt.

Now that I'm done with the fence, I feel my guts are trying to leave without me.
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An iPod Nano 4gb, 2y applecare, silicone protection case, car charger.

She's repeatedly said how she wished she could have more than one playlist, but otherwise, didn't care about the screen too much. Just that the shuffle limited her to one set.

So, the 4g nano should allow her to have her different generas, including some kids stuff for appeasing them. With the screen blanked, it should play about the same amount of time as the shuffle does, and no disc to crash on on impact.

ps, This image is gross and is totally unrelated.


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