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I was importing things from dreamwidth into Wordpress, and then it copied it all back to dreamwidth. *sigh* I bet I have a hundred posts to remove here.


Aug. 8th, 2014 07:38 am
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Max and Khai decided an XBox-360 was in order. Lots of cheap games. A new 360E was the best option, so Max went that route. He put in $155 (vs $94+SH + Accessories for used, or $156 for refurb). Khai put in $20. I put in $5, plus bought a 320GB drive ($45). No Kinect. Halo 3 was bought for $6 by Max. Our DVD player has gone stale since we set up a media PC, so the XB360 will take over that HDMI port.
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I'm lazy, so I'm not posting bike stats here. There's no real reason to do it. My accounts can be found from prior cycling stat posts.
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tsm: TSM>show deduppending dedupe
ANR1015I Storage pool DEDUPE has 2,018,762,268,864 duplicate bytes pending removal.

****Dedup Deletion General Status****
Number of worker threads : 8
Number of active worker threads : 0
Number of chunks waiting in queue : 0

****Dedup Deletion Worker Info****
Worker thread 1 is not active
Worker thread 2 is not active
Worker thread 3 is not active
Worker thread 4 is not active
Worker thread 5 is not active
Worker thread 6 is not active
Worker thread 7 is not active
Worker thread 8 is not active
Total worker chunks queued : 0
Total worker chunks deleted : 0

tsm: TSM>q proc

Process Process Description Process Status
-------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------
1 Identify Duplicates Storage pool: DEDUPE. Volume:
/tsm/dedupe/00036730.BFS. State: active.
State Date/Time: 01/01/14 19:44:36. Current
Physical File(bytes): 13,453,908,907. Total
Files Processed: 32. Total Duplicate Extents
Found: 207,302. Total Duplicate Bytes Found:
2 Identify Duplicates Storage pool: DEDUPE. Volume:
/tsm/dedupe/0003672C.BFS. State: active.
State Date/Time: 01/01/14 19:59:29. Current
Physical File(bytes): 82,217,208,517. Total
Files Processed: 1,110. Total Duplicate Extents
Found: 628,508. Total Duplicate Bytes Found:
3 Identify Duplicates Storage pool: DEDUPE. Volume:
/tsm/dedupe/0003657E.BFS. State: active.
State Date/Time: 01/01/14 19:09:54. Current
Physical File(bytes): 32,356,415,194. Total
Files Processed: 1,799. Total Duplicate Extents
Found: 560,040. Total Duplicate Bytes Found:
4 Identify Duplicates Storage pool: DEDUPE. Volume:
/tsm/dedupe/0003672F.BFS. State: active.
State Date/Time: 01/01/14 19:36:57. Current
Physical File(bytes): 2,147,746,191. Total Files
Processed: 2,701. Total Duplicate Extents Found:
565,790. Total Duplicate Bytes Found:
5 Identify Duplicates Storage pool: DEDUPE. Volume:
/tsm/dedupe/0003672D.BFS. State: active.
State Date/Time: 01/01/14 18:47:32. Current
Physical File(bytes): 22,696,147,854. Total
Files Processed: 54. Total Duplicate Extents
Found: 43,421. Total Duplicate Bytes Found:
6 Identify Duplicates Storage pool: DEDUPE. Volume:
/tsm/dedupe/00036731.BFS. State: active.
State Date/Time: 01/01/14 19:16:13. Current
Physical File(bytes): 24,424,088,494. Total
Files Processed: 6. Total Duplicate Extents
Found: 65,229. Total Duplicate Bytes Found:
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The ipad app changed itself to automatically upload my photos during the last update.
This is theft of data.

Luckily I noticed on my ipad (nothing important) rather than my iphone (lots of stuff).

I'm trying to decide whether this is big enough to go through the effort to fully divest myself of Google.

Power Woes

Jan. 5th, 2013 02:18 pm
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So, Khai's computer has been powering off.
Happened today when the printer turned on (always causes a UPS blip since it's on the same circuit with the kids' computers).

I pull the UPS, thinking maybe it's failing, but it SEEMS okay.

BUT, his UPS is a 375VA unit.
VA, what? Well, that's Peak RMS Volts times Amps.
It's like watts, but at the highest point, rather than sustained.

For a UPS, multiply by 0.6 to get peak wattage.
Over the peak wattage, you have zero battery life.
At 77% peak, you have only 2 minutes.
At 15% peak, you have 40-45 minutes.

So, when the printer turned on, the voltage drops (brown-out).
The UPS then kicks on, but was in overload condition.
In overload, the UPS turns off to prevent damage.

Max has a 450VA which seems to be okay, but it doesn't have a USB cord.
So, if we had a true power outage, his system couldn't shut itself down.

Both of their systems are the same. 375VA is overload, and that is 225 watts.
So let's say 99% of the time, they pull less than 250 watts.
So, 5 mins runtime should be about 410 Watts, or 680VA

I really would like longer runtimes, and better voltage regulation,
but the match for this load is already $70.
The better option is $85

I guess I could get the good one, and leave Max on the one without a USB connection until it's time to upgrade... Or swap them, since Max runs the minecraft server...
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So, I notice mail is failing.
It happened earlier and I rebooted after not being able to get courier-IMAP to respond.

Hrm, I can't SSH in.
So I check the console, and I have I/O errors, lost blocks, whatever.

I can't reboot, but the kernel isn't dead... just spinning.
So I power off, boot up, and I get initrd only.

My boot device is a 5-drive mirror. It's not up? WTF. I assemble it and mark it readwrite. No rebuild required. WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION?

My 5-drive raid6/datavg also assembles happily. Again, WTF.

My 5-drive raid6/rootvg says it's dirty and degraded. "Try --force".

Okay, I try --force --run, and it just gives me an I/O error.
DD shows that all 5 devices are JUST FUCKING FINE!

mdadm -D shows /dev/sdb2 is missing.
Why is it missing? I force assembled you into the array!

No, that is not good enough. I have to --re-add the device into the array.
WTF. This is stupid.

Anyway, now, I can mark it readwrite, and it is resyncing the array at a whopping 23428K/sec (all 5 drives hang off of a SATA-1 port multiplier).

So here is my complaint -- Being a 5 drive RAID6,
I should be able to force run on THREE OF FIVE DRIVES.
A) Why did I get an I/O error for only one drive being kicked out?
B) Why did mdadmd not email me about this problem?
C) Why did ONE drive get kicked and STAY kicked, and a second drive stay dirty

Seriously! This is why I run RAID6. It is not acceptable to kick a drive out, but then say you won't start without it, even though I told you to start with it!

This is just stupid MDADM is apparently there, not to actually provide any operational resiliency, but to shut every fucking thing down at the slightest sneeze.

So, should I expect anything better on the *BSD variants?
Should I go with FreeBSD because of the userbase and ZFS, or would one of the others be better?
etc etc etc. Input is appreciated.
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So, I'm testing for the kids computer upgrades.
Going modern CPUs was going to be at least $1200 and that's a bit much.

I dug and dug, and their systems take LGA755 1066MHz FSB anything.

I tried the Core 2 Duo 2.93GHz X6800. This Works fine, and is really zippy.

I tried the Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz Q6700. This gives an unsupported CPU BIOS error, but works. It gives off WAY more heat, but is very noticeably slower. Maybe the heat is causing the clock to throttle back further.

There is also a QX6800, but I didn't have it to test. Likely same BIOS error, and likely would require creative cooling.

Also, they have 3GB of RAM now, and throwing in 4GB, while not formally helping Windows, *did* make an improvement in boot times. Plus, when they move to Windows 7 x64, it should help there as well.

So, $260 for their Xmas computer upgrades, and it more than doubles their current performance (Pentium D 1.86GHz).

Also, the heat difference, and the individual process performance was so big that I am selling the Q6700 out of my media server and buying an X6800 to replace it.
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If you need something big, with a lot of detail, then get something big. If you need something small, then get something small, but any limitations will really be based on your Eye-Mark-II. Glare will be a problem for any consumer grade portable LCD, so if you need something really solid, then a Garmin *95 or *96 type unit would be the way to go. If ForeFlight and WingX would move to Android, then you can get comparable devices for half the cost. Next Galaxy tablet will probably be in the $350 range with a way better screen for direct sunlight.

My 4G iPad mini showed up today. Initial was "will ship mid-November". When it finally shipped, the delivery date was Nov 23. FedEx showed Nov 26 because Apple Shanghai had a late hand-off. So, you know, 3-6 days early is good.

The Lightning connector is a little more robust than I thought it would be. The unit is light, but not flimsy. The SmartCover has a fuzzy maglock instead of metal, so that's a nice improvement over the original SmartCover's scratchy design.

Restore was a little faster, but copying apps and music is the same speed as for the iPad 2 - at least perceptually. I didn't measure it last time, but it's not zipping past. It would be nice if the Mini supported USB3, though I guess that would require an 8-channel or better SSD, rather than what, 2 channels for the 32 and 64GB models.

Anyway, in the time I was distracted, my sync completed other than a handful of apps belonging to Erica's account, and the Cydia apps I had.

There's a Dev-based jailbreak for the iPad Mini, so by end of year, there should be a solid, working system, minus the non-dev part. Maybe they'll get lucky, but losing one of the major jailbreakers to Apple Dev may delay a standalone and/or untether to mid-2013. Non-Jailbreak seems much snappier, so probably best to keep it stock anyway.

The aspect ratio doesn't match plates nor AFD, so there will be black bars on the sides. I'd expect the text to be too small for most people in-cockpit. You can pinch and drag, but that's more of a pre-flight thing than an in-flight activity. To read small numbers on the plates, you have to hold it up to your face. Small screen is small. BUT, the text is crisp and legible. There's no way this would work for WingX split screen unless you were a glutton for punishment, or just looking at gross details.

Screen is a little better than the iPad2, but it's smaller. It's not the same size as any of the Android tablets (7.9" vs 7.0"), so any ram mount or case will be unique. It's thin and light.

I have an anti-glare protector on it, but haven't taken it in the sun yet. It's pretty bright in the house, but that's subjective. Summer light would be a better test, because current light is pretty oblique, so it'll be almost perpendicular to the tablet when it's mounted. Autobrightness still sucks, but the range of manual brightnesses seems good.

Battery is 16Wh vs the iPad2 25Wh, though the screen is proportionally smaller. Lifespan seems pretty close, but if the CPU got into a spin lock, it could be shorter life.

GPS supports GLONASS also (Russian system, 10m worldwide, 0.6m Russia & Arctic).

The tablet seems more responsive than my iPad2 was, so that helps.

Text Box (X) buttons for clearing text are scaled, and I find my fat fingers have difficulty activating them.

Compared to my Galaxy-Tab 2 7", this is a little larger width wise, but about the same height. Better app selection (though I haven't looked for decent Android aviation apps in a while). GPS gets a quick lock, and WiFi seems to stay connected better than my Android 4.0. Price is about $100 higher for the iOS device, though for Android, you can get GPS without having to pay for a cellular modem. If you use an external GPS, then no problem, but otherwise, that puts the iOS device at about double the cost of the Galaxy tab. Gtab2 7" is $200 now, and the GPS works fine. Comes with wimpy memory, but has a micro-SD slot, so upgrades are cheap. iPad Mini, well, it's fixed flash, so pick up the 32GB at least so you can fit maps. Then, pick up the 4G model so you can have GPS. Suddenly, you're at $500.

The Galaxy S4 is estimated to be due in February, and have a 4.5-5" AMOLED screen. That'll be a pretty awesome device, and my boss and I are both up for renewals already. Might still be too early for me to switch for my main phone, but maybe not. Most of my iOS specific stuff is just on my tablet (aviation maps). Maybe the Galaxy Tab 3 will go back to an AMOLED screen, which would completely win for in-cockpit readability, but I really like ForeFlight and WingX which are still iOS I think.

Updated: 2012-11-21 02:42:20
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I always run into issues when I work in a multiple VLAN environment, because it's not *that* common for my builds. This is a reminder for me.

The magic is when using multiple VLANs:
1) Don't use the real VLAN ID for the trunk PVID unless you know for certain that was set on the switch. It is stripped off of all packets, and who knows what the PVID of the switch is, if any.
2) Any mismatch between PVID on the SEA and the trunk will cause packets to be dropped.
3) Don't use IEEE VLAN mode for the client adapter unless you're going to add VLAN interfaces from AIX. When not in VLAN mode, the PVID is ADDED to all packets on client adapters.
4) When using multiple trunks on one SEA, they all have to be the same trunk priority. ha_mode=sharing balances not using trunk priority, but based on the order of the virt_adapters field.
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I'm using Ubuntu Precise, which is linux 3.2.0, and various DebUntu packages.

The Amazon Machine ID is ami-82fa58eb. The root device is an 8g block on EBS (required for free tier).

It runs fine under a micro image (also required for free tier).

But I like JFS, and it doesn't have JFS.
Also, I wanted /home to be separate from the jumbo root filesystem.

So, I did this:
* Add the new device (22GB to stay within 30G free tier) as /dev/sdf (first free slot)
root@aws:/root# dmesg | tail
[161800.993075] blkfront device/vbd/2128 num-ring-pages 1 nr_ents 32.
[161801.895396] blkfront: xvdf: barrier or flush: disabled
[161801.905416]  xvdf: unknown partition table

* Create the volume group:
root@aws:/root# apt-get update
root@aws:/root# apt-get install lvm2
root@aws:/root# pvcreate /dev/xvdf
  Physical volume "/dev/xvdf" successfully created
root@aws:/root# vgcreate -Ay -M2 -p32 -s256M rootvg /dev/xvdf
  Volume group "rootvg" successfully created
root@aws:/root# lvcreate -Ay -L 20G -n hd1 -prw -rauto rootvg
  Logical volume "hd1" created

* Create the filesystem
root@aws:/root# apt-get install jfsutils
root@aws:/root# mkfs.jfs -L /home /dev/rootvg/hd1
mkfs.jfs version 1.1.15, 04-Mar-2011
Warning!  All data on device /dev/rootvg/hd1 will be lost!

Continue? (Y/N) y

Format completed successfully.

20971520 kilobytes total disk space.
root@aws:/root# cp -p /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak
root@aws:/root# vi /etc/fstab
echo 'LABEL=cloudimg-rootfs   /        ext4   defaults        1 1
LABEL=/home             /home    jfs    defaults,nofail 0 2
' > /etc/fstab

* Update the kernel to support JFS
root@aws:/root# aptitude safe-upgrade
root@aws:/root# apt-get install linux-image-extra-virtual jfsutils 
root@aws:/root# reboot
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http://geni.com - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* great interface, and good features
* Collaboration is easy.
* Older trees' default privacy was too open.
* Merging trees may change ownership.
* Trial is full featured
* Yearly cost is non-trivial.

* Huge amounts of support
* Great archives, horrible indexes
* Extremely limited for non-paid
* Monthly costs
* Manual work for merging trees, connecting references, etc.

* Moderately decent searching
* Poor substantiation, references, etc.
* Great for well established trees
* No longer supports GEDCOM
* Shared tree is public

http://findmypast.co.uk - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* UK based ancestry information
* Extensive indexing of scanned resources

http://webtrees.net/ - JDSDJDSDJDSD
* PhpGedView, reworked, using MySQL only
* Runs on your own server

PC Programs:
* Syncs from major websites to many PC apps
* Ancestry.com, geni.com, familysearch.com, etc
* AQ, PAF, FTM, etc.
* Free download - semi-beta
* Copies media files as well as chart data
* Windows and OSX support

Relatives: http://www.genealogysoft.com
* Fast, but had major defects in 1.0. Need to review v2.1

RootsMagic: http://www.rootsmagic.com
* Minor issues in v4, but had pulled ahead of most everyone else

Personal Ancestry File: https://familysearch.org/products/
* De facto standard for compatibility and function.
* Not updated in over a decade
* Still better than most editors out there

Ancestral Quest: http://www.ancquest.com
* The maker of the last 2 versions of PAF
* Some enhancements over PAF
* Great compatibility
* Still somewhat dated
* Trial/Essential version replaces PAF, still free
* Trial version is annoyware.

Family Tree Maker:
* Horrible compatibility, but some good non-standard features.
* Listed here only because it's popular
* Not going to use this, or any of the others.

Good reviews:
* Some tools not reviewed in 5 years, and new versions need to be checked.
* Great performance and compatibility tests
* Rambly, so spend some time
* Some of the best reference on Gene tools anywhere.
* Best of: http://www.tamurajones.net/GeneAwards2010.xhtml

* Additional processing for SNP dumps
* Freely downloadable python tools for parsing dumps
* This is for people not worried about genetic privacy
* Lots of open-source genotyping development

* Genotyping with community, reports, updates, etc
* Moderately prices
* Not a complete gene map
* Offers dumps of your data if you like
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Another reason to not leave unsecured goods in your hotel room:
How it's done: http://demoseen.com/bhtalk2.pdf
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Because I didn't find this online
Note, run-time is about an hour.
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Dear Diligent/IBM,
I really wish you would publish revovery procedures for the missed step of WHATEVERTHEFUCKYOUDO,DO NOT EVER CONFIGURE NODE TWO BEFORE THE REPOSITORY IS CREATED IN NODE ONE!!!!!



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Deduplication is basically solid compression with a huge dictionary. If you send in pre-compressed data, your deduplication ratio will suffer. This is because, A) it's already compressed, and B) because the substitution table will be different for minor file changes.

The exception is when you compress as part of the deduplication processing. Some engines will chunk the data, tag/identify duplicate vs new, and THEN compress the data. This works pretty well, and in an incremental-forever environment, you can expect 6.8-7.8:1 reduction in stored data.

If you send fulls every day, then you can expect (days*0.9):1 ratio. Ie, if you keep 30 days of fulls, you can expect somewhere around 25:1 reduction in data (assuming 10% daily change rate).

If you multiplex/interleave your data, you can expect maybe 2:1. This is because your duplicate data is paired with different blocks each time. It's best to use "FILESPERSET=1" or "MULTIPLEX=1" or similar.

Also, depending on the ingest processor, chunk sizes up to 500GB may be good, but larger may change the chunk size. This can be a problem for systems which perform image AND file level backups of the same data, or archive logs plus databases.

For precompressed data, you can expect 1.3:1.

For encrypted data, you can expect 0.9-1.0:1, depending on the system and data size.

This all holds true, whether it's deduplication from Linux, CommVault, TSM, ProtecTier, FalconStor, or whatever. The only real difference between different forms of deduplication at this point are the performance of the chunking and identification algorithms, and the scalability of the chunk store.
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I love when I go to look for something on the web, and I find a perfect, clear answer.... and then I see the author is me.
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Various issues I've run into and resolved.
Cut/paste out of a doc I'm working on, so the formattng isn't HTML/LJ pretty.
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This was because the symlinks for the libobk shared library were incorrect, and/or permissions on the libtdp_r3.sl were incorrect, and/or the agent.lic was not readable by the DB user.

RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on sbt_1 channel at 05/07/2012 17:00:48
ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file, name="WP1_aeimncnu.102340_1", parms=""
ORA-27028: skgfqcre: sbtbackup returned error
ORA-19511: Error received from media manager layer, error text:
BKI9204E: Additional support information: An exception was thrown at position: esd-rmanapplication.cpp(271) (text=Unknown exception.
specification does not match any backup in the repository
Recovery Manager complete.
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This is a new, clean install of the OS, and a new, clean download of the 6.3.1 reporting tool.

daltsmrpt: /install/2012/TSM/631rpt# cat /stdout
rootRA: com.ibm.tivoli.remoteaccess.LocalUNIXProtocol@298a298a
rootRA.isProtocolAvailable(): true
Exception: Userid is not privileged. java.net.ConnectException: CTGRI0002E Session not established.
(X) commiting registry
(X) shutting down service manager
(X) cleaning up temporary directories

daltsmrpt: /install/2012/TSM/631rpt# whoami

daltsmrpt: /install/2012/TSM/631ac# oslevel -s

If I get this sorted out, I'll post about it.


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