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Birthdate:Oct 6
Location:DFW, Texas, United States of America
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Max Omni, xaminmo, generic, Bionic Hedgehog, hedgie, Josh-D, Omnimax, Mad Scientist, Midnight Shadow, Radiation Master, WWIV-LINK, lamer 817 not Elite 214.

I'm tall and pale. I grew up in Arlington, TX. I've stayed around DFW all but brief visits elsewhere (Puerta Vallarta, OK, FL, NY, NM, VA, KS, CO). I'm a geek of all sorts. "I ain't no BEAN!", but maybe more than a Nikolai. Sleep deprivation does strange things to me, but I go there often anyway.

Erica, aka razormaid, is my wife since April 14, 2001 and my signifigant other since May 7, 1999. Max and Khai, were born July 7, 2001 and May 15, 2003 respectively.

On March 25, 2008 I decided to start tracking what I eat in order to assist with weight loss. I started somewhere around 305lbs (138kg). As of 2008-06-01, I'm down to 282.5lbs (128kg). I stalled out around 2008-10 in the mid 270s. I still hold on to a target of 225lbs (102kg) but I'm not working hard on it. 2014-03, I'm about 260LBS.

2008-03 I was bitten by the flying bug. 2008-05 I started formal training. 2008-09 I received my Private Pilot ASEL certificate. I plan to get further endorsements and ratings as time and money permit. 2014-03 medical and flight review are expired. Maybe if I get more money... :)

2013-05-01 I started riding my bike. I'd had it for a while. I've learned a decent amount about the mechanics of bikes, and have built up and/or upgraded several. Technology changes every couple of years, so I'm already drifting. I started with some trail riding, but I find I like group road rides the best. I have met some awesome people. 2014-03 I'm off the bike a bit from tight hamstrings leading to back pain leading to piriformis syndrome. I'm hoping to be recovered by April and back riding.

Go to Write to your representatives. Demand to know their stance on issues that matter to you. If they don't or won't agree, pick someone else and vote next time.

"A dream is an answer to a question we have not yet learned to ask." - X-Files
"Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes." - Oscar Wilde
"Learning is a change in behavior based on experience." - FAA Fundamentals of Instruction
"My goals in this life are humility, patience, perseverance, and happiness." - JDSD

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