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Middle of the dream... family and I were meeting up for dinner. The place was similar to a Cracker Barrel, except it was upscale. Lots of wood, but more open space, different kinds of goods, and I think there was a Casino off the other side.

The waiter was someone we know. He called me by
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This was the tail end of a series of dreams.

Me, Erica and some others were walking around dreamland NYC. It was "downtown" in the dream by name, but it felt more like mid-town. There were high-rises though.

We were in a warehouse-like district. All older (1930s) era offices and industrial. The buildings immediately surrounding us were around 6 stories tall.

It was night time, and there were many pedestrians, and a moderate amound of automobile traffic. The feel of the streets reminded me more of West End than NY, but whatever.

There was a tall Sheraton tower a few blocks away that we could see. It had to be 20-30 stories tall. It was the better part of a city block in size. It had a HUGE bell on top. The bell began tolling.

Everyone stopped to watch. It was amazing. It seemed to be swinging a little off-angle though. And it kept ringing. And the clapper wedged in the front-left corner of the assembly.

Then, the bell began to shake. This wasn't a normal shake you'd expect. It looked as if I giant had grasped it and was giving it good, hard shakes to free the clapper from it's confines.

At this point, everyone is still dumbstruck, but I'm starting to get scared. I start trying to usher my group behind the nearest building back (as if it were any better than the building right in front of us).

Then, the bellstand (for lack of better term) collapses. Everyone freaks out. Dust and debris fly everywhere. A whine of falling metal, almost more of a rumble, as a huge chunk flys past, directly overhead, and craters a couple hundred feet past.

Except, the debris came at a right angle to where it would have come from were it coming from the bell tower. I never rectified this, but maybe it was from another building.

Anyway, a VW Beetle (new style) was scooped up and flew past just overhead as well.

So, EB and some others were convinced to go with me to the building behind us. We broke in and I wanted to take us to the basement for protection from more chunks.

It was all white-painted cement, with smoothed, rounded corners. In the center were three "doors". They were about 30 degrees from being flat on the ground (or ceiling). One had stairs, one had a maintenance slide, and one was a personnell slide.

The slides were sort of downward sinusoidal shapes, with the sides scooping up rather than being hard angles. They were wide enough for 4 people side-by-side to squeeze, or probably 2 to slide easily down. It was polished cement. The stairs were similar construction. The entrance walls to the three were also the support pillars for the floor/ceiling.

We went down one slide to the next floor. From there, we had to get up and go around by foot a few feet to head to the next level down. Erica wanted to go up, and not down. I tried to explain as we went that down was safer from debris, but she was already gone.

I called out to her and she didn't respond. There was no sound of footsteps. She was just gone.

So, then I woke up, and went to pee. You know, the only times I remember dreams are when I'm dreaming and being woken up for something.

Anyway, when I came back to bed, I closed my eyes and instantly went back to dreamland. Aparently, the whole ordeal had been an airstrike. I openned my eyes, wrote that part down, and then went firmly back to sleep.
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I was in some other town. It was similar to Santa Fe but was more spread out, easier to navigate, completely homey feel.

We were visiting Erica's family.

There were lots of parts where I was walking around.

There was a place where for a few hours, all of the boys and girls swapped bathrooms and locker rooms all over the city. It was frustrating.

The women's restrooms said Frau, but it was as long as Frauline, but it wasn't Frauline.

I borrowed Jim's truck a couple of times.

At one point, I pulled a small chain to break it free from some other kind of chain in his truck bed. It broke, freely, because it's one of those folded wire chains. I used it to chain a small grill to the carport. I figured it wasn't safe, but was enough to stop the casual walkerby. I forgot to unchain it after whatever.

There were interesting tunnels from downtown fort worth to here. As in, short walk covers hundreds of miles.

I had friends there, and there were all sorts of dreams chained together, but I only remember the last one.
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