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So, dreamwidth was a fork by some LJ developers back in 2008.

They can import LJ, and I've done so at http://xaminmo.dreamwidth.org

I do not know what I think yet. Too early. They are limited in some ways.


Apr. 18th, 2017 11:41 am
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So, I'm here because a friend is here.

But, I don't know what I think.
I have a lot of history at Livejournal.
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Sharon ran across a recipe that looks amazing. It is very similar to my mom's recipe, except they use melted butter in place of the oil+butter_flavoring; and they use twice as much icing.

reference: https://www.facebook.com/sharon.haney5/posts/10154380633143017
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OK, so apparent backdating posts to fill in where I left off still shows up in actual post order in the Friends Feed.


What purpose is backdating then!?!?!

Sorry all.
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Most of my non-drivel is posted to http://oti-news.livejournal.com/ . You can add this to your friend's list and get notified on it, or you can go to the source, my wordpress at http://omnitech.net/blog/ , and subscribe by email. It used to be just my Hosting news. Not much of that, so I also have IBM reference, cycling notes, personal bloggy stuff, etc. RSS subscription above is probably more reliable, because Dreamhost is a little restrictive on automatic processes.

Much of omnitech is replicated to:
* http://xaminmo.blogspot.com - this works automagically
* https://plus.google.com/102171433379655085245/posts - this also works automagically, but is basically just another Facebook. Different people like this better, but it was really slow to pick up the features I wanted. It's still not very usable for me, but all of google's services seem to be merging there, such as Latitude, Chat, etc.
* http://xaminmo.tumblr.com - this works automagically. I have this only because a couple of random acquaintances post here vs anywhere else.
* http://facebook.com/xaminmo - cycling stuff autoposts there from Strava to get the map, and then I backfill comments. Other things from here post there. Also, my routine drivel posts there. Much of it is public, but not everything. It's sort of a sixdegrees type thing.

Here, some stuff gets replicated, but LJ blocks a lot of autoposting. I still like it for my RSS aggregator, and I have a permanent/lifetime account.

I also have a linked in account, but I never "post" anything there.

I'm sure I have a million other accounts as xaminmo, but I don't really use any of them more than every few years. (Like MySpace. WTF. So not useful unless you're a band.)


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