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Ending fragment.  Guy like a cross between The Punisher and Star Lord.  I was his friend.  He was having some struggles, and his car would not start.  I looked at is, spotless under the hood, cavernous even, and all simple.  There was not enough under the hood to go wrong.
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Middle of the dream... family and I were meeting up for dinner. The place was similar to a Cracker Barrel, except it was upscale. Lots of wood, but more open space, different kinds of goods, and I think there was a Casino off the other side.

The waiter was someone we know. He called me by
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Oct. 2nd, 2016 02:21 pm
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In a lab, there's a gold mine. But, it's not a mine exactly. It's a cylinder with rounded edges, about 18" in diameter, and in length, flat faces up/down, floating about waist height in a room. There's a pedestal under it. If you approach, you see down into the pedestal into an apparently
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Looking out the window. The house was my mon's house, but the garage was Mr. Bridgeforth's house.

I see a big, blue box truck driving up, sideways. The front two wheels are turned sideways, and the back two are off the ground. This way, they pull right up into the driveway.

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In the progression of dreams late in this morning, I found myself answering the call of a lower-middle class family for help.

The lady's aging father had come under control of an additional eye, on the back of his neck.
It was smaller, and it was important that we didn't let it see us while we inspected.

I looked, and as fairly certain it didn't see my face, but it did see the top of my head.

When I turned around, I found myself wrapped in big, meaty arms. I could hear his voice in my ear.

The family was greatful; the father was free. Now, i was not.

If I looked down in my peripheral vision, I could SEE the arms clasped alongside my own.

If I struggled, they were much stronger, and I would see a greyness around me.

If I did not, then I could move mostly as I pleased.

"What is your name?"

He said, "Sergio."

"Where are you from? How old are you?" I asked.

"New York. I was born in the 1800s." he said, but I saw "1820" in my mind's eye.

"What do you want?"

"I just want to be left alone," he responded.

While we spoke, my team had extracted the eye. It was a machine, with five orange-brown colored arms, each looking like a thin version of a bendable microphone stand. At several points was a shiny sphere, and in the center, a small body housing a camera and other electronics. It was not damaged, but it was not moving. I did not feel any injury, though I noticed the meaty arms were messing. I could still speak to him.

"We can try to help you, and to find you."

He said, "when you do, call this number."

He had a phone, and would be waiting.

I realized the machine offered him control while it was installed, but it actually implanted a copy of him into anyone it attached to.

There would be no finding him. He was long gone, the real him. However, there were untold copies of him living, trapped, helpless, in the back of the minds of everyone this machine had latched on to.

I felt sad for him.
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I was at a school in south Arlington. So many little details about the school snd people. It was probably the 1950s but not really. Something happened politically and a small atomic bomb went off to the east.

My mom and I knew it first because we already saw it happen and came back in time to stop it. Unortunately, we could not do anything about it.

My mom had time cloned herself and her clone was going to sacrifice herself. She was calling herself Penny. I was sad, because a already knew that both of them would die.

The school was directly in the wind path, and we could not get anyone to leave. After the blast, it was about sheltering in place.

The VIP room was having breakfast for people who arrived that day. Mom and I had breakfast yesterday, but the selection was better today. McCaffrey's family was there, and a grandmother who was social, but would reach over and stir someone's food with her finger, then splash the food, when they were not looking.

I was sad, because I was stuck here, in a second iteration of this horrid day.

I left to go help people, but it was too close. Everyone was doing the same things as last time. A gathering to talk about the conflict, then the boom in the distance.

I walked. I knew my mom was dead, and I figured I could teleport or jaunt home. I couldn't. I was outside and saw the mushroom cloud on the near horizon, drifting slowly towards us. Maybe it was my upset, or the people around me, but I realized I could not teleport anymore because my mom was dead. Both of them.

I walked home. I had not veen tgere in a long time. I saw transit bussed all along, but they were too slow. Soo many stops. No one knew about the blast but a few people called out that it sort of looked like a mushroom cloud. It was.

I walked into a house that looked like my mom's, but expanded, rearranged, and renovated very nicely. A nice, big, friendly dog was there. A lady wa on the phone and I mouthed "sorry" to her as I left. No problem. The dog followed me out the screen door.

I was sad, but would be okay.

So I woke up, and it sucked. I was going to call my mom and tell her about it.

Then I remembered she is really dead in real life as of 2005-12-26. It was like a nuclear bomb went off. I don't think I'll ever "get over" the death of my mom. I don't think anyone ever really does. She is the anchor, until she's not.

But you learn to move on. By now, most days are fine, but once in a while, I'll indulge the sadness and the memories for a minute. This dream had all of the emotions.

Mom would have loved to see the kids growing up.
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up late. woke 4 mins before alarm.

dream was i was an airline pilot flying the joke plane. was under serious pressure to fly it or lose my kob and have FAA and NTSB. go after me.

After some turn-arounds, got under way. Then ATC had me look up some ARINC alerts on my APU. could not find ANY info and stepped thru a portal to go to get help.

Basically, the plane's logs were half on 8mm film, and half in essay form in steel filing cabinets IN THE PLANE. Also in the logs were shelves of red eyed plush monkeys in 5 sizes, and piles of leftover equipment from when the plane was an air fortress think tank.

Anyway, got help looking, and became a supporter for cleaning up the crap and converting logs into concise, typed info. Justification to airline for the expense was room for more passengers, since the entire 1st class cabin was log and equip storage.

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Still weirded out by a dream... Was going to the airport somewhere, and Jenny had Louisa get my ticket on their itinerary... She added me as Joshua Rosebery, and that got all of us flagged as no fly.

Apparently, someone by that name hacked Verizon systems and was labelled a terrorist.

The airport staff were just sent us off to a waiting area with a bunch of other no fly people but would not tell us anything. I had to sneak out and go investigate at some build site to find out why.

I was worried we were going to miss our flight, and tried to reason with a supervisor. He just kept making faces at me, trying to get me to crack a smile, because that would prove to him that I was lying about my real name.

Everyone else was being detained by non-LEO airport staff, and not allowed to leave. I was planning how to get real police involved and lawsuits for illegally confining us.

Flu dreams are weird...

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Dec. 8th, 2012 05:23 am
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A short, attractive woman in a green tshirt was hunting us with a gun. We ducked into an old house to hide, and ended up stuck in a slip universe. after who knows how long of roaming around. one of us. not someone we would have known outside (think Roscoe) had aclue... 973.

Searching thegrounds, we found they liked 1foot hex pavestones, and on closer inspection, they were gravestones, and they were numbered.

We found the area but from 967 and up were missing.

We looked around and found older areas in the 400s, multinumbered stones, stones in courtyards and back fields, etc, but not 973.

Cut to hitmen outside, in an office. They were giving 973 to their boss, and split it in half, to keep us inside.

So, we stood where 973 should have been and I said, how about over 9000? loking toward where 9000 would be, we saw a perspective gap in the wall, and entered a tunnel.

The killer was waiting for us.

Then I woke up to zero saliva and a tight chest. I have saliva and no fear now, but my chest is still a little heavy.

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Dec. 7th, 2012 11:08 am
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Pool with friends by multiple train lines. Chris O was there.
Phones got wet, various groups in the pool. Lots of drunken mockery of other drunk people.
Cut to dark office, old building, all clean and polished wood, wood blinds, etc.
A bunch of us are computer security experts.
I come by to visit, and back up my laptop and the biz to some spare drives in a USB to raid5 5-drive enclosure.
A little later, I come back and the place is raided. Almost everything is gone. I find the drive bay and am happy to grab it.

As we ( unk who else) leave, we, re confronted by 10 guys with guns, threatening us. Includes Mike W. and Justin R. They seem scared, and wave their guns at us, sort of insisting that we never come back there again.

We leave for another place and begin setting up shop again.

Later again, we go back to the building to see what's going on and are met by K-9' R2D2, R4D2, two half height Daleks, and the humanoid but boxy robot with a boom box in his chest from some Sesame Street episode way back when. They are all there to help protect us.

I tell them no shooting "unless you see them squeezing on the trigger," knowing the bots can react very fast. "If they squeeze, then blast 'em"

We go thur the doors from the foyer into the hallway and see lots of federal agents collecting equipment. "Good job, Waldoes," I say to the three or four scruffy guys in Where's Waldo uniforms. It turns out the others were doing black hat work, including bank theft, international espionage, etc.

Still, something wasn't right. But this is where it gets fuzzy, and I wake up.

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I was in a Tom Cruise movie reality. He was teaching me how to be a field agent. I was his tag-along. Lots fo cool and crazy and practical things mostly forgotten now that I'm awake.

But, a phrase stuck: "Peace is desirable, moreso in theory than in practice."

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Sep. 29th, 2012 07:33 am
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The aliens had a depot. I was inside. I reactivated the atmosphere inside and stood under the air vents until the ambient air was fresh.

I went inside the second airlock and the vault had a ship hovering. I shot it once, just because I knew I was over, but the ship blew up, and left two, shiny, metallic eggs shaped like jordan almonds, but about a foot across. one fell and cracked open.

Space compresion held a baby donkey. It was hungry, so I held an ear of corn before its giant, cyclopean eye, then fed it. It had trouble with the cob, but was pleased with itself by peeling off the husk and eating that.

There was another egg, and I hadn't yet realized the dobkey was self reproducing, so I went to open egg two. Inside was John Denver, but he looked like John Ritter in a NASA uniform. He asked what he was doing there.

We decided to go for help. It was obvious now that the aliens were going to destroy the plante from orbit. They were going to use terraforming tech to regenerate everything on the planet into a new, plant based environment. The bunkers would survive. and release the alien's selected animals into the ecosystems.

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Jun. 16th, 2012 08:17 am
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weird dream... most gone, but i had to use a hacksaw and cut off last two sections of every finger. skipped thumbs. woke up starting on left hand after finishing right.

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Mar. 12th, 2012 09:21 am
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I had a weird dream last night. It was in the TV show Castle.
I think I shifted among several characters.
There were several criminals, organized, running around in masks, robbing and killing, while we chased them.
Rick was in the lead by several minutes, and then he was killed.
Lots of emotions and other stuff.
I was in love with Beckett and was crushed for her loss.

I don't remember all the rest.

Overall, the structure of the dream was weird.


Jul. 5th, 2011 07:50 am
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I woke up at 6:25 for my 6:30 alarm.
I had an argument with myself, and I lost.
It went something like this.
"Don't lay back down."
"But I am Le Tired."
"Get up."
"F... You. I'm going to sleep. You'll wake up when you wake up."
As such, I woke up 5 minutes ago from a very strange dream.

I was talking to a Network Appliance salesman.
We had no budget, so I was asking him what kind of cheap SATA storage I could add.
I showed him what we had already, something about a raid controller, bridged SATA ports, external I/O.
Then there was something bad, and we had to run.
Then a school, maps, etc but noone was there.
Then I was in someone's media room / den / second family room and lots of kids were there.
Then a wound on my right foot, that was getting bigger. It was huge.
Then a wound on my hand that was deep enough I could see light through the skin on the other side.
I had to put a piece of ham in each one to fill the space while it healed.
I had to keep my foot and my hand curled up to keep pressure on it so the skin would fuse.

So now, I'm up... I need to cook breakfast. It's odd how when you're cooking for 1, you go through food SO MUCH SLOWER and there's so much leftovers. I have to be careful not to have too much cooked up at once.


Jan. 2nd, 2011 09:30 am
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From an hour ago or so, so it's a little fuzzy.

Me and some other people were outside. It seemed like maybe a picnic or party or outdoor function.

There was a rumble, and we all looked back to see what looked like a cross between a white fighter-jet and a concorde jet. Very large, single engine, huge stream of black exhaust. It was flying very low, maybe 1000 feet. It continued in a straight line, fairly slowly, and descended into a valley, out to the lake.

There's a blur or a cut or something here, and then I'm fired up and attach to the underside of the jet. I'm able to integrate with enough of the systems that I seem to mold into the underside as if there were a docking port made just for me. This happens right as the jet starts a hard burn and arcs upwards into the sky.

Once we're clear of the atmosphere and the moon (about a minute), a strange sound happens and we accelerate out of the solarsystem. I don't think it's portal travel, rather it seems transdimensional. We're still "in space" and "travelling quickly", so it maps out as hyperspace to me.

In just a little while, we reach the pilot's world, and he lands and parks the jet at his house. We go in, and I'm a bipedal android. It's only slightly annoyed that I came along, but he's tolerant and patient with my questions.

I start asking about differences between our planets. I forget what all was asked, but something involving temperature and a multiple of pi at home was simply 1pi here, which seemed unfathomable. His window had yellow, glowing specks in a grid and I asked about it, saying our windows were silicate based. Theirs are similar to a glucose structure. I didn't really ask more about it.

I asked about the composition of their atmosphere, because ours seemed thicker.

They laughed, because of the translator, and between them, "haha, he said his atmosphere is fat!" They knew what I meant, but I clarified that it seemed more dense.

I was waking up and at this point, the fragments were discongruous. There was a bathroom, with stainless pipes around the shower/toilet stall, but it was a little too small for me to fit into. I don't remember what the outside looke like, but I think it was much more dense, maybe foliage or darker light or something. Not sure. There were visual translations occurring as well.
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This was the tail end of a series of dreams.

Me, Erica and some others were walking around dreamland NYC. It was "downtown" in the dream by name, but it felt more like mid-town. There were high-rises though.

We were in a warehouse-like district. All older (1930s) era offices and industrial. The buildings immediately surrounding us were around 6 stories tall.

It was night time, and there were many pedestrians, and a moderate amound of automobile traffic. The feel of the streets reminded me more of West End than NY, but whatever.

There was a tall Sheraton tower a few blocks away that we could see. It had to be 20-30 stories tall. It was the better part of a city block in size. It had a HUGE bell on top. The bell began tolling.

Everyone stopped to watch. It was amazing. It seemed to be swinging a little off-angle though. And it kept ringing. And the clapper wedged in the front-left corner of the assembly.

Then, the bell began to shake. This wasn't a normal shake you'd expect. It looked as if I giant had grasped it and was giving it good, hard shakes to free the clapper from it's confines.

At this point, everyone is still dumbstruck, but I'm starting to get scared. I start trying to usher my group behind the nearest building back (as if it were any better than the building right in front of us).

Then, the bellstand (for lack of better term) collapses. Everyone freaks out. Dust and debris fly everywhere. A whine of falling metal, almost more of a rumble, as a huge chunk flys past, directly overhead, and craters a couple hundred feet past.

Except, the debris came at a right angle to where it would have come from were it coming from the bell tower. I never rectified this, but maybe it was from another building.

Anyway, a VW Beetle (new style) was scooped up and flew past just overhead as well.

So, EB and some others were convinced to go with me to the building behind us. We broke in and I wanted to take us to the basement for protection from more chunks.

It was all white-painted cement, with smoothed, rounded corners. In the center were three "doors". They were about 30 degrees from being flat on the ground (or ceiling). One had stairs, one had a maintenance slide, and one was a personnell slide.

The slides were sort of downward sinusoidal shapes, with the sides scooping up rather than being hard angles. They were wide enough for 4 people side-by-side to squeeze, or probably 2 to slide easily down. It was polished cement. The stairs were similar construction. The entrance walls to the three were also the support pillars for the floor/ceiling.

We went down one slide to the next floor. From there, we had to get up and go around by foot a few feet to head to the next level down. Erica wanted to go up, and not down. I tried to explain as we went that down was safer from debris, but she was already gone.

I called out to her and she didn't respond. There was no sound of footsteps. She was just gone.

So, then I woke up, and went to pee. You know, the only times I remember dreams are when I'm dreaming and being woken up for something.

Anyway, when I came back to bed, I closed my eyes and instantly went back to dreamland. Aparently, the whole ordeal had been an airstrike. I openned my eyes, wrote that part down, and then went firmly back to sleep.

Weird dream

Dec. 7th, 2005 10:05 am
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So while I was waking up this morning, I was in a dream.
I don't remember the earlier parts of it because I was too deep in for it to pass through memory.

So, everything was mid brightness, nothing really bright, and very high contrast.
All of the lines, like cabinets, tiles, baseboards, looked grainy, almost rusty.

I was walking somewhere, and while conversing with the other person, I went into the bathroom.

This is where I bring up that there were no bodies at all.
Just a disembodied viewpoint, plus voices.

The voice of the Other was Erica's, but I don't know if the character was Erica.
It seemed similar, but not same.

So, we were talking about our kids or maybe just max,
and her mother watching them, or my mother watching them,
or someone's mother.

I had expressed my concern over the amount of overly Christian influence.

There was crosstalk, and ultimately, it was relayed to me,
possibly by voice playback of the mother figure, that
"I'm going to teach (them|him) proper [some social value],
and my only [resource|reference|textbook] will be the bible.
However, [as a compromise,] I will avoid the matriarchal teaching of the three Js."

The three J's?


Nov. 3rd, 2005 09:01 am
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Dream Dream Dream Dream
So erica and I were getting ready to go somewhere. I was lost in something. Then a gap. Were we asleep because it was too long, or did I find some other reason to go into the garage? I shined a light around, and saw someone run away. *FREAK OUT*.

So I grab the phone. It doesn't even have a dial tone. It automatically calls some lady in OK. WTF.

So I try my cellphone, and dial 911. My cellphone starts playing some music REALLY loud and pops up big red letters saying it's downloadin an upgrade to allow me to call 911. It'll be 23 minutes.
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