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2017-07-12 08:56 pm

Amazon continues downward spiral

Head's up. Amazon Seller Central now will cancel your account if you have not sold anything in 30 days. If you have inventory stored with them, they will not send it back to you. When that inventory sells, you will get an email, but they keep the money since your account is closed.

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2017-07-12 12:03 am

Bicycle cross-chaining

Mark loves to prod me about cross-chaining, because it's formally a naughty-no-no. I thought I'd give some observations, since I am a chronic cross-chainer.

Cross chaining wears the sides of the sprockets, which is never what wears out. I ride like I am a 1x9 unless I'm on hills. No
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2017-07-10 10:58 pm

Dangerous Car AC in the heat - FALSE

Starting your car A/C / benzene chain letter has popped up in several places again recently. That letter is FAKE. No need to worry.

It's a rewrite of a 2009 chain letter, which is false, and based on cherry picked information out of a 2001 report on automobiles in Korea, and a 2007
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2017-07-10 04:22 am


When did "millennials" get redefined?

"Generations" for grouping (vs ancestry) have been roughly 15 year spans. Generation X was the 1970s through about '85. After that was Generation Y. Millennials, by definition, were people born at or after the turn of the millennium. Being generous, that
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2017-07-04 05:58 pm

Dreams of Heroes

Ending fragment.  Guy like a cross between The Punisher and Star Lord.  I was his friend.  He was having some struggles, and his car would not start.  I looked at is, spotless under the hood, cavernous even, and all simple.  There was not enough under the hood to go wrong.
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2017-06-27 12:54 am

AIX and PowerHA levels

Research shows these dates for AIX:
* AIX should come out around October, 2017 (est Week 46)
http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=isg1IV95390 ### 7200-01-03-1720
* AIX should come out around October, 2017 (est Week 46)

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2017-06-22 01:42 pm

Weird dream

Middle of the dream... family and I were meeting up for dinner. The place was similar to a Cracker Barrel, except it was upscale. Lots of wood, but more open space, different kinds of goods, and I think there was a Casino off the other side.

The waiter was someone we know. He called me by
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2017-06-14 05:18 pm

Bicycle Tire Pressure

Optimal tire size and pressure isn't always known. Here is a great calculator I use when I set up bikes.

The "Bike + Rider" weight is usually about 10% over your out-of-the-shower weight, and includes your clothes, tool bag, bottles, bike, etc.

The middle calculator automatically shows
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2017-06-14 01:08 am

Gym Workout Routines

I was talking with a friend about my Gym routine, I thought I'd share some of that here. It's kind of a wall of text, soI tried to organize it for easy skimming.

I keep a notepad on my phone to track what I did and what's next. End of workout, I add the updated list to MyFitnessPal in the
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2017-06-13 06:05 pm

Three Dinosaur Giraffe Butts, and a shovel

Phrase for 2017-2018 school year is "Three Dinosaur Giraffe Butts".

The mantra is "Shovel" from grovel from gravel from gratitude.

The shovel head is the size of a spoon, and the handle is 35 feet long, and at a sharp angle. It is designed to move a piece of gravel weighing 18 tons, and about
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2017-06-12 12:56 am


Going to the gym is so much easier when there's a buddy to go with you. At the expensive gym, I had a trainer. At the cheap gym, I'd go 2-3 times a week, and one of those would be with Max. Max is out of town for 10 days.

BUT, after a month on my own, my shoulders are bigger. It FEELS weird, and a bunch of my shirts don't come down far enough in the back anymore (already hard to get tall shirts).

I didn't lose any weight, but I've bumped up my gym weights (by mass, or by repetitions) every week. I have a note on my phone that lists the setting and repetitions of each exercise, and I update that between sets. I use an HRM strap and upload workouts to MFP, then update the description with the list (Garmin and MyFitnessPal).

So, I need to suck it up and go tomorrow anyway. My back has been a bit sore, so I've tried to work around that. Bench row instead of cable/mid row; no bend/twist exercises; To compensate, I need to add planks all 4 sides, plus leg lifts for core strength.

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2017-06-10 02:00 am

AIX and PowerHA versions 2017-06

This changes periodically, but for today, here is what I would do.

My PowerHA selection process would be:
* 7.1.3 SP06 if I needed to deploy quickly, because I have build docs for that.
* 7.1.4 doesn't exist, but if it came out before deployment, I would consider it. Whichever was a newer
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2017-04-25 02:45 am

Insurance and Purchases

First insurance check arrived. Can't print lender forms to get it endorsed because printer died the rest of the way today.

Ordered a new printer, but their "get it today" on the order page turned into "get it tomorrow" in email. *sigh*. This is not covered by insurance nor warranty,
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2017-04-21 06:44 am

Merged hedgie.livejournal.com

Imported hedgie, except the very first post, but it was just dorky.
Imported all of it to DreamWidth with their tools.
Claimed that openid.
Deleted hedgie posts with lj-sec

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2017-04-21 03:05 am

Mostly purged

Personal stuff was merged into my DreamWidth account.
Most of it was purged here.
This was a weird place, and I have not used it in 11 years.
My other journal still exists for now, but I'm not really cross-contaminating them here.
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2017-04-18 12:03 pm
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So, dreamwidth was a fork by some LJ developers back in 2008.

They can import LJ, and I've done so at http://xaminmo.dreamwidth.org

I do not know what I think yet. Too early. They are limited in some ways.
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2017-04-18 11:41 am
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So, I'm here because a friend is here.

But, I don't know what I think.
I have a lot of history at Livejournal.